Nazi Collaborators Journal

Before the pandemic, the North Coast Journal and my liberal friends had a lot in common. They hated Trump, gave lip service to the environment and the rights of minorities, but put most of their energy into acting “cool.” Here on the North Coast, “liberal” is almost a default position. All you have to do to become a liberal in Arcata is be agreeable, but I’m surprised by the spinelessness and soft-headedness of too many of my liberal friends, and I’m even more stunned by the ruthlessness of the crew of the NCJ and their apparent eagerness to abandon their role of facilitating local debate in our community, for the opportunity to oppress us with authoritarian propaganda.

Two years into this global fascist coup, liberal journalists, including those at our own North Coast Journal continue to goose-step the hardest, with clueless liberals lining up behind them yelling “Hail Science, Hail Science” even though none of them have looked at the science. The data from the Phase 3 clinical trial of Pfizer’s Covid vaccine will not be released until 2025. Until independent scientists can see that data and analyze it themselves, any recommendation that anyone take that shot are not based on science, but on unsubstantiated claims made in press releases.

The NCJ deserves a special gold swastika for its efforts at driving the global fascist agenda here in Humboldt County. As our Pied Piper of pandemic panic, the NCJ has dutifully fueled the fear, pumped out the propaganda and vilified dissent. They failed to provide the information we needed to make an informed choice about Covid vaccines. Instead, they cajoled, humiliated, shamed and bullied readers into taking the jab. Practically every media outlet in the country did that, but the NCJ went above and beyond.

Not satisfied to simply ignore and belittle community concerns about vaccine safety, the necessity of masking, or the erosion of civil rights, the NCJ went out of its way to insult everyone who objects to this new authoritarian takeover with their recent “Dickmoves” column. Apparently, anyone who disagrees with them is a “dick” and anything we do to express our views, including taking them to our elected officials, constitutes a “dick move.” That’s some world-class Nazism if you ask me, and I think it deserves special recognition.

The NCJ has become a poison in our community, just like the cigarettes they advertise. Could it be that global corporations buy more than ad space in the NCJ? Regardless, that ad should remind you that the NCJ works for global capitalist predators, not you and I.

Now that the terrible truth about Covid vaccines is coming to light, the thousands of deaths, the hundreds of thousands of debilitating and crippling vaccine-induced injuries, the dismal performance of the shots themselves and their complete failure to stop the disease, not to mention the long-term side-effects of the jabs which continue to emerge. All of these things are happening to real people in our community, but the North Coast Journal continues to ignore it. They ignore it because they are responsible for it.

The NCJ’s complicity in these crimes against humanity will prevent them from ever admitting the truth. Instead, they will say anything to cover up their guilt as long as they can. The local writers and editors at the NCJ are now wed to the beast with bonds steeped in the blood of this community. They have betrayed us, and we should never trust them again.

But Their Name is Already Mud

I wish I didn’t have to do this. I definitely have better things to do, but our local media outlets have turned against us, and somebody needs to call them on it. With a noted exception, “journalists” around here no longer consider it their job to provide us with the information we need to make informed decisions. Instead, they regurgitate focus-grouped propaganda, devoid of useful information, designed to induce compliance. I’m sure it’s easier than researching medical science, but don’t think we haven’t noticed. Journalists rarely cover science well, however, the utter failure of local media to even ask meaningful questions of our new overlords in the Public Health Department, demonstrates their complicity in this coup.

I include our local so-called “community” radio station among those traitors. I stopped volunteering at KMUD before the pandemic began, but recently, I got sucked back into KMUD’s orbit just long enough to see that things have gone from bad to much, much, worse. First, two people who live in SoHum told me that they were “banned” from KMUD for talking about Covid. They asked me to write letters on their behalf.

Second, as a result of those letters, I got invited to one of KMUD’s Program Selection and Review Committee meetings, which shocked me. At that meeting I learned that KMUD censors programmers and guests who questions vaccine safety, lockdown measures, or Covid treatment options. Many people in the community, including many volunteers, find this very disturbing.

Third, KMUD host Nikki Norris asked me to cover a few episodes of her show, my old show, Monday Morning Magazine. When I talked to staff at KMUD about this, they made it clear that I would not be allowed on the air unless my topics and guests were pre-approved by staff. I have never before been asked to submit a list of guests to staff for approval. That’s censorship. There is no other word for it. My topics and guests were disapproved so I did not host the shows.

Fourth, a group of local vax-free, mask-free folks gathered on the Garberville town square for a party with music and dancing., to give credit where credit is due, sent a reporter, Lisa Music, who covered the event fairly, including a local couple’s story about how they beat Covid with Ivermectin, Vitamin C and zinc. That’s what local news reporters are supposed to do, and it seems like Kym Kemp’s operation is the only local news outlet that still remembers how. I applaud them for that. On the other hand, Lauren Schmidt of KMUD News attended the event, and recorded plenty of audio for a story, but it never materialized on KMUD’s Local News.

Finally, I sent this editorial to KMUD in response to a long, chilling, unattributed monologue delivered at the end of the local news (probably in place of the aforementioned story). The unattributed soliloquy it turns out, was extracted from the “Surgeon General’s Advisory on Building a Healthy Information Environment.” This ghastly piece of propaganda contains plenty of disinformation itself, but Stella Gherkin read it at the end of the local news without attributing it to anyone. I found it shocking. In response, I submitted this editorial to the station’s community editorial feature, called “All Sides Now.”

“Hello, This is John Hardin for ‘All Sides Now.’

KMUD’s Wednesday Dec 8 Local News sounded like something you might hear in North Korea. Stella Gherkin’s long, unattributed, vaguely threatening monologue at the end of the broadcast chilled me to the bone. Whatever that was, it was not news, and therefore had no place in our local newscast.

I want to remind everyone that free speech, as guaranteed under the First Amendment to the Constitution, has always produced the healthiest information environment, and that is especially true in the fields of science and medicine. The free flow of information, shielded from government censorship by the First Amendment, made the United states a leader in science, technology, and medicine.

Moreover, KMUD is built on, by, and for this community’s commitment to free speech and the idea that we make better decisions when we hear all sides of the story. KMUD exists to insure that we as members of this community have a voice in the debates that drive policy in this community and beyond.

When we stand accused of a crime in this country, we are judged by a jury of our peers, not a panel of experts, the WHO, or Pope Fauci, but by a jury of our peers. that’s because this country is built on the understanding that “We The People” have the capacity, and the responsibility to parse the evidence and determine the facts for ourselves, in every case, regardless of the complexity of the issue or the magnitude of the consequences, and the Covid Pandemic is no exception.

History teaches that regimes censor information, not to protect citizens from misleading falsehoods, but to cover-up their own crimes against humanity. I suspect that is what is happening now, and KMUD should have no part in it.”

KMUD refused to air this editorial. When I uploaded the audio of this “All Sides Now” to Spotify, and shared it on Facebook, someone on KMUD staff called it “libel.”

I have learned, in my many years of volunteering at KMUD, that the most reliable thing about KMUD is “The Unbelievables.” “The Unbelievables” are a phenomena that happens, on-air or off, when someone connected to KMUD says or does something so wrong, so totally inappropriate, completely off-base, and breathtakingly insensitive, that you just can’t believe it really happened. In this case, the idea that KMUD, a listener-supported community radio station, refused to air an editorial in support of free speech, and threatened legal action in response to it being shared elsewhere, is the kind of “Unbelievable” that is not just embarrassing, stupid and sad, but that deeply undermines the credibility and the integrity of our community radio station. I wish it weren’t true, and that someone besides me would say it, but that’s the truth, and you deserve to know.

Covid and the Culture of Maximum Harm

As Southern Humboldt’s most intrepid writer, I understand that this does not constitute a high honor. Here in Humboldt County, where “positivity” trumps reality, and we spend more time cultivating flattering lies about ourselves than looking at the truth. We’ve become exceptionally good at ignoring things like dead bodies, huge ripoffs, and widespread environmental destruction as “business as usual.” But, when a brand new elephant shows up and makes itself comfortable on our sofa, and no one else seems to see it, I recognize my responsibility to my community. I mostly stopped writing about life in SoHum a couple of years ago to focus on music. I have a lot more to say beyond words than I do with words these days, but times like these demand more from us, and clearly, SoHum needs my perspective now more than ever.

In case you haven’t noticed, maybe because you were too busy compulsively washing your hands, that our constitutional democracy got overthrown by a public health dictatorship. Two years into this fiasco, the US has logged more Covid deaths, both in total, and per capita, than any other developed nation on Earth. Clearly, what we did in response to Covid, was wrong. Way wrong. Wronger than any other first-world nation on Earth. Why was that?

Besides that, the average American life expectancy dropped by 1.9 years during the pandemic, not because of Covid, most Covid deaths were among people who had already exceeded the average life expectancy. No, American life expectancy dropped because addiction, overdose, depression, alcoholism, suicide, anxiety, hunger, despair, unemployment, loneliness, isolation and fear all soared during the pandemic, greatly exacerbated by the draconian restrictions instituted in response to the pandemic. Those restrictions, and the social and economic consequences of them, killed millions of healthy Americans in the prime of their lives. We could hardly have done more damage to Americans’ health if we tried.

Again, why is that? Were these policies designed to harm us? I think that’s a fair question to ask, considering how successfully they disrupted our lives, ruined our businesses, overthrew our democracy and rescinded our civil rights, as opposed to how poorly their strategy worked to prevent deaths from Covid.

Here in Humboldt County we lost twice as many people to overdose in 2020 as we did to Covid, and I’ll bet that’s true in 2021 as well, but they don’t report about that epidemic anymore. Somehow they deem it appropriate to spare us that grim body count. Nor do we hear about the suicides, heart attacks, liver disease, etc. Unless you die of Covid, you don’t count. Our local media continues to ignore the damage wrought by draconian lockdown restrictions, but anyone who dares criticize these measures gets vilified mercilessly. What’s up with that?

During the War on Drugs, we used the term “Culture of Maximum Harm” to describe the perverse way in which efforts to curb drug abuse, by criminalizing drug users, caused far more harm than drug abuse itself. In fact, the War on Drugs strategy of arresting and incarcerating drug users and peddlers seems to have been devised so as to cause the maximum possible harm to society. When we saw how the culture of maximum harm used the pretense of addressing a public health crisis as cover for violence, human rights violations and political oppression, we saw the War on Drugs, not as an effort to curb drug use, but as a tool to invade privacy, incarcerate millions, and as a distraction from, and excuse for, crimes against humanity.

We see the same culture of maximum harm at work today in the Covid Pandemic, and the same idiotic enthusiasm for strategies with a proven track record of failure. Masking causes more infections than it prevents. Social isolation kills more Americans than Covid, and don’t even get me started on vaccines and vaccine injuries. If you took the ripoff death-jab, I’m sorry. I really am, but Covid vaccines don’t work, and besides that, they kill people. That’s just the truth.

Ten years and 666+ posts later, SoHum still needs someone who isn’t afraid to confront the obvious, no matter how unpopular or inconvenient, and the obvious has never been more unpopular or inconvenient than it is right now. I wish it weren’t so, and that I didn’t have to do it, but no one else around here will. Like it or not, you need me right now, because there’s something you need to know, and it’s staring you in the face, but for some reason you just don’t see it yet. So welcome back.

Spooks in SoHum

I thoroughly enjoyed Robert F Kennedy Jr’s new book, “The Real Anthony Fauci.” It’s a real page-turner that exposes rampant corruption at Fauci’s NIAID, and reveals how he used his power, as head of that agency, to funnel taxpayers’ money into pharmaceutical company coffers, as well as his own pocket, for lethally toxic drugs that don’t work, and how he covered up the trail of death that has followed Fauci faithfully since the ‘80s, with phony, unethical science, often using vulnerable populations, including AIDS orphans, and rural African villagers as lab rats without their informed consent, or that of a guardian or advocate.

Every American needs to read this book right now, but for folks here in Southern Humboldt, the book holds special interest because it mentions a Thanksgiving gathering in Harris in the early ‘90s. At that gathering, one Peter Schwartz attempted to recruit a young Princeton Graduate with a degree in Anthropology named Ken McCarthy into working with him in an “unnamed West African country” in a job aimed at “weakening tribal and family structures on behalf of a federal government.” McCarthy found the proposal “intensely disturbing” and declined the opportunity.

However, according to this well-researched and foot-noted volume, Peter Schwartz once worked at the Sanford Research Institute, and ran their Strategic Environment Center, at the time when the Strategic Environment Center hosted the CIA’s MKUltra mind-control experiments. Later, Schwartz went to work for Shell Oil Co, to help soften up indigenous Ogoni resistance to the Oil giant’s plans to exploit their ancestral homeland, the fertile Niger River Delta in Nigeria, for oil development. Presumably, this was the job he hoped McCarthy might help him with when the two spoke at that Thanksgiving gathering in Harris.

Schwartz earns a place in the book because he authored one of a series of pandemic simulations that all involved establishing authoritarian control over society through quarantines, strict control of the media, and forced vaccinations. Schwartz “authored” the “Lockstep” simulation in 2010 which described how nations around the world, in response to a global flu pandemic, “flexed their authority and imposed airtight rules and restriction, from the mandatory wearing of face masks to body-temperature checks…leaders around the world took a firmer grip on power.” according to Schwartz.

So why were CIA spooks so heavily involved in these pandemic preparedness exercises? As RFKJr points out, “the CIA doesn’t do public health: the CIA does Coup d’e-tat.” Perhaps as intriguing for SoHum locals is this question: Why did a spook like Schwartz come to a Thanksgiving gathering in Harris, of all places? And why did he think it was a good place to recruit mercenaries to commit genocide in Africa? Or perhaps more relevantly, who in SoHum, besides the CIA, would invite a spook like Schwartz to Thanksgiving? Or does Peter Schwartz himself live here in SoHum?

I’ve long suspected CIA involvement in Humboldt’s cannabis industry. They can’t resist any opportunity to make a lot of untraceable cash. I wouldn’t be surprised if they use some of that cash to control and manipulate our local community radio station as well. Someone certainly is. I can’t imagine any other reason to explain why KMUD has shut out community dialogue and become so authoritarian and one-sided lately. It seems spooky to me. What do you think?

Beyond Words

Solstice Greetings,

At the conclusion of another cataclysmic year I’m very grateful to share this beam of sunshine:

This music has inspired me and kept me sane through these trying times. I don’t know where this music comes from, why it has called me to it, or why it feels so good, but it does. It just does. Beyond Words is hot, throbbing, organic EDM like you’ve never heard before, but it is also a collection of didgeridoo solos rich with healing infra-sound vibrations, recorded live with no accompaniment or overdubs. You have to hear it for yourself.

Right now, on the darkest night of this dark year, there has never been a better time to shake off the fear, shake off the anxiety and shake off the trauma of this whole crazy mind-fuck and shake your booty to these energizing ecstatic dance rhythms. Just crank it up and let it move you. I dare you.

I feel this music has more power than anything I can say with words, and everyone seems to understand it at some level. All I care about right now is sharing this music with as many people as possible. If you like this album, You have really got to hear me play live. Live music matters. We need to come together again to make music and dance. It is absolutely critical to the functioning of culture. There is so much more that happens when we come together to make music and dance than we can ever describe in words, and it is essential that we revive that vital organ immediately.

Wherever you are, I want to play for you. Let’s make the arrangements. Covid restrictions be damned, this show is going on the road in 2022! Fuck the variants! The curve is as flat as its going to get. It’s time to dance!

Call or text me: 707-572-8837


Have a wonderful solstice! See you in 2022!

It’s OK; I’m Not Sick

I’m not wearing a mask because I’m not sick. If I were sick, I would have stayed home, but I’m not sick. I am, however, sick and tired of being treated like a disease vector.

I am no longer willing to humor people who still believe that masking orders and other pandemic lockdown measures ever made sense or that they haven’t done far more harm than good. I am no longer willing to humor these people because I can no longer ignore or abide the harm these measures have caused me, my family and friends, or the toll they have taken on my community.

Times like these demand civil disobedience. I will not shrink from my responsibility, as a free human being in a free society, to my community and to posterity, to defy, ignore and oppose, unjust, unnecessary, and harmful restrictions on our civil liberties and human dignity.

I ask you to remove your mask as well, and join me in the Garberville Town Square at 1pm this Friday December 3 at 1pm, for smiles, handshakes, hugs, and all of the other benefits of real human interaction that you cannot get online. I hope to see you there!

Perspectives on the Pandemic

It is difficult to make an informed decision about Covid vaccines because so much of the important information about vaccines is censored. I like this series of documentaries and recommend them to everyone:

There are more documentaries in this series, you can find them at bitchute, a video platform that takes a stand for free speech.

I like this pair of documentaries too, and I encourage you to watch them:

Ordinarily, I express my opinion in my own words in this blog, but right now, with so much important information being censored from mainstream and social media, and so many people being pressured and coerced into medical decisions without adequate information, I feel obligated to share these sources of factual information from bona fide experts. I hope you find this information helpful in your research.

3 Things You Need to Know About Science

I love science and have tremendous respect for scientific inquiry. I have studied science. I know a few scientists, and I generally like them. However, I know a few things about science, and scientists, that more people need to know, especially now. So today, I offer you a few really important things you need to know about science and scientists.

1. Scientists know almost everything about physics, and almost nothing about life. That’s why physicists can build a reliable nuclear weapon but doctors can’t cure the common cold. Objective science works well for calculating the trajectories and velocities of objects in space and time. Organisms, however, are not objects, and so objective science is completely inadequate for studying them.

Most scientists don’t know this, but it is true. Sadly, many scientists, especially in the US continue to study human beings as though we were objects, or piles of objects called atoms. This has led to a medical system that dehumanizes and objectifies us more effectively than it treats disease or promotes health. It also means that there’s a hell of a lot that doctors don’t know. One thing doctors do know, however, is how to talk down to you in such a way that you won’t question their bullshit.

Physicists know how to blow shit up, and they don’t argue about it. Physicians, on the other hand, barely know what they are looking at, and there’s a lot of disagreement among them about practically everything. Doctors don’t like to let on that they really don’t know what they are doing, so they formed the American Medical Association in order to put up a consistent front that makes it look like they have everything figured out and know what to do in every situation. They do this so that people will trust them, and unfortunately, it works entirely too well. The AMA works very hard to quell dissent within its ranks, and banishes doctors who refuse to tow the party line, but renegade doctors persist, and many of them have better success treating patients than doctors who follow AMA guidelines.

2. Almost everything we know about science, we learned from the pursuit of war. We learned physics in the development of ever more lethal weapons, and we learned medicine from patching up the survivors. Today our weapons kill people far more effectively than our doctors cure disease, and much of the advance in modern medicine has been in improving survival rates of people who suffer the kinds of traumatic injury that only technology can inflict.

3. Plebes worship “Science,” while scientists worship money. You can’t do science without money, and finding money to do science isn’t easy. Unless somebody thinks they can make a lot of money on it, or the military thinks they can kill people with it, you are probably going to have a hard time finding money to study it. On the other hand, if you don’t really care what you work on, as long as it pays well, your opportunities as a scientist multiply. Scientists spend a lot on their education, and they expect to be rewarded for that, so many scientists look for the higher paying jobs.

That’s why, when you need a scientist to do something really terrible, like design a nuclear weapon that kills all of the people in a city, but leaves the buildings standing, or turn a minor statistical anomaly into a smoke-screen argument against global warming, or bio-engineer a bat corona-virus so that it infects humans, you can always find a meek and obedient scientist who is happy to do it for you so long as you have the money.

Plebes, on the other hand, have disavowed the creation myth of their Judaeo-Christian heritage in favor of an even bigger pile of bullshit called the Big Bang Theory, and they now embrace “Science” the great spirit from whom all new technology flows, as a religion. They traded the clerical collar for the white lab-coat of scientific authority. Now they believe anything the doctor tells them, just like they used to believe the priest, and of course they take their vaccines as a sacrament to their faith in “Science.” I hope they’ve at least learned not to leave their kids alone with a scientist either.

People have always believed a lot of stupid stuff. As I’ve so eloquently said before, “Stupid and wrong is the natural human condition, and it has never stopped us before.” That said, the human body is smarter than science can comprehend, and its natural tendency to heal, especially when supported by good nutrition, proper exercise and a non-toxic environment, tends to make doctors look good, if they can somehow take credit for it, but the miracle is you, not the medicine, and your body knows more than your doctor.

That’s why you should be very careful about messing with that miracle, or trusting “Science.” Science is not some noble pursuit of the truth. Science is about warfare, money, power and greed, and any scraps of truth that emerge from it are purely coincidental. Science is a tool of exploitation and control. In fact, psychologists are studying you right now, and the people paying those psychologists intend to use the knowledge they gain to control and exploit you. That’s what you need to know about science.

Kristallnacht in SoHum

At the time when we need them most, we stand to lose some of our best nurses and medical staff at the SHCHCD because of Vaccine Mandates. I know that these employees have good reason to to refuse to allow their bodies to be used in this global experiment, and I think it criminal that so many people have already been coerced into taking a dangerous and potentially lethal injection that they neither need nor want, but now the injustice of Vaccine Mandates has been laid at our doorstep.

We cannot escape responsibility for this crime. We, as a community are about to fire highly qualified health-care professionals who have loyally served our community for years because they chose to exercise their right to decide what is best for their own health. These are the people in our community who are most qualified to understand the risks of the disease. They’ve seen Covid up close and personal, and watched people die from it. They are also well qualified to analyze the risks of the so-called “vaccine” for themselves. Everyone has the right to make up their own mind about any medical procedure they may or may not undergo. Those decisions are not always easy, and this one is especially fraught. I don’t think we have any business second-guessing them

We can either respect their integrity, and their decision, and continue to value them as members of our community, or we can passively watch our right to make our own medical decisions flutter away forever, as we inflict tremendous financial hardship on our friends and neighbors who have served us so faithfully in time of need. This is our Kristallnacht. This is where we decide to stand with our friends, or to bully them, take away their income and probably force them to relocate. These are our people, and this will be our crime against them, if we let it happen.

I hope you will join me in writing (or calling) your supervisors and your representatives on the SHCHCD. Tell them that we need the nurses and medical staff that we have, and that you respect those employees’ decisions. Please tell them that you oppose vaccine mandates, and you value our hospital staff, and then go find out what those nurses know that you don’t.