Word Power, Bathypalagic

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Bathypalagic (bath ih peh laj ick) adj. Of or relating to living in the deep ocean.


Increasingly, as we wipe out the last of familiar species like blue-fin tuna, cod and salmon, the seafood industry has increasingly developed new tackle designed for fishing the deep canyons and trenches at the bottom of the ocean. From these previously unexploited habitats the seafood industry has brought some unfamiliar species to our dinner-tables in recent years,

like orange roughy,


and Chilean sea bass, in apparent abundance.


These bathypalagic fish live in very deep, cold, oxygen deprived waters where sunlight never penetrates. As a result, the fish that inhabit these nether-worlds, move slowly, grow slowly, and reproduce exceptionally slowly. Even if the seafood industry stopped exploiting these deep water habitats today, it will take thousands of years, for populations of fish like orange roughy to recover, if they ever recover at all.


So, enjoy these rapidly disappearing delicacies while you while you have the chance, and look for more of these hideously toothy, but quickly disappearing, monstrosities from Poseidon’s hellish depths to show up on your plate in the future.