I live off-the-grid and out in the sticks in Humboldt County CA.  I have no phone, no data plan and no internet service at home.  I come to an internet cafe in town about once a week.  So, look for updates about once a week.  Look for humorous content (at least I think so) unless something really pisses me off, then you’ll hear about that.  Enjoy

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    • This is the only way I found to contact you and I apologize for it but I feel compelled to tell you, on behalf of every deadhead ever, the article claiming Jerry was a “stooge for the CIA” was not only the dumbest shit I’ve ever read, but insulting to his legacy all of his fans as well. Grace Slick dated Pigpen, the first lead singer of the Dead who died from liver failure in the mid 70’s and never dosed Richard Nixon. To believe she would even be able to get her hands on a cup of anything, hand it to the PRESIDENT after dosing it is childishly naive. Jerry however, did dose Geraldo who was interviewing him for a 60 mins episode. It’s well documented including Geraldo’s own admissions to trip balls for hours after Jerry left. In closing, please don’t pass along bullshit to people. You have a blog. Put in a little effort and research a couple minutes instead of coming to conclusions based on who lit they’re guitar on fire. It’s just embarrassing.

      • I have a little poem dedicated to the Grateful Dead. It goes like this:

        The Grateful Dead I do not care for
        So you might ask me what I’m there for
        Standing in amongst the crowd
        Of Deadheads boisterous and loud
        It’s not really where I want to be
        But where else can I find LSD.

        That’s it. If I were you, I wouldn’t be so quick to admit that you are a deadhead. To me, “deadhead” means a not very bright person with not very good taste in music.
        Don’t take it personally, just listen to Robert Fripp if you want to hear someone play the guitar with creativity, originality and style.

    • John, Not sure how to reach out, but howdy from Linda Noel. Love your story about Jack….
      Hope life in CA is wonderful!

    • Hey John,
      Thanks for writing about some of the most important things going on in our neck of the woods! Your brave and I love brave truthful people. They are far and few between here. The issues are stacked high and never ending. Unfortunately we don’t look to make solutions here. We waste our energy in a major way but huge on bitching about it all.

  1. Hey John,

    Love your style and perspective. Im from Istanbul, wanna get that whipphit thing for myself and friends. I tried back in Thailand it was hell of fun! So I just get the whip dispenser, and whippit gas?

    Cheers my friend,


    • Thanks for the kind words. Bob has his good qualities. He knows the land around here well, and genuinely cares for it. There are reasons people like him. Humboldt County, on the other hand, is brutal to the poor, and we have plenty of injustice around here to oppose, without worrying about the small problems of rich land developers.

      btw, thanks for including a link in your new blog, looking forward to reading more from the Acephalist

  2. Hi John,

    I am CRAZY about your tin can lanterns… we love your style and site and want to buy them!!! Feel free to call me at (949) 292-9506



  3. John

    I enjoyed reading your blog very much,and referenced one of your cartoons on my site, with a link back to yours as acknowledgement. Hope that’s ok (and that it generates some traffic for you!).


    Lucy Collins

  4. Maybe I am missing something however the Segue that John Finley was operating and his horses Dakota and Debbie was pulling was most certainly not 28 thousand dollars. It was also not built in 1947 maybe 2009 as it is a kit that is bought from an on line company. Rare is not a term I would use since anyone can purchase this same item which is available in quantity.

  5. Hello John Hardin. I would love to talk with you about creating a tin can chandelier for me.
    Please email me. Thanks!!!

  6. I hope you heard Bill Honsal and Estelle Fennell on KMUD yesterday telling us to raise the sales tax so we can have a better funded police state, there was a lot of potential fodder there for a cynical blogger.

    When I asked how much they spend maintaining their MRAP, Honsal ducked the question and said it belongs to EPD, but it might come in handy some day eventually. Bud Rogers just about shat himself on the air when he heard they had one.

    I’ve been meaning to ask Estelle when exactly she went over to the Dark Side, but didn’t get around to it this time.

    You have the best blog in So Hum.

    • Thanks Feral, for the kind words. No I didn’t hear the show, but this weeks post is all about No on Measure Z. I hope you’ll read it and share it with as many people as possible. We need to stop this madness before it starts.

  7. hi john
    not sure if greg got ahold of you.
    do you guys want to play with us sat or sunday?
    like sit in with us.
    and record?
    would be fun.

    • Hi Ishan, Thanks for the invitation! We are here for the anarchist book fair, but we brought recording gear, in case the opportunity arose. We’ d love to hear you play, and record your set tonight, if possible.

  8. Hi John (and Amy)

    I met you at the library last Friday! Just finished reading the post about ‘laziness’—so nice to know there’s others out there!!!

    I haven’t read all that’s in the archives yet, I want to go slow and savor them slowly:)

    Thanks for putting this all out there, and for helping make me feel like I’m not so alone in this gorgeous but culturally sterile wasteland. SoHum-where the only thing that ever gets done is putting on the next boogie…

    Maybe we could start a club or something.

    • Hi Catherine, It was really nice to meet you on Friday, I’m glad that you are enjoying the blog. I think a club would be a great idea. It’s been on my mind to have an event in Garberville for lygsbtd readers. I think we’ll have to make that happen, maybe even this Spring.

  9. Hey there –

    I stumbled across 1-G707+FX/Hallucigenia Sparsa several years ago and quite liked it but your site vanished and I was never able to order that CD. Any chance of ordering it from you now? I am a 707 player myself and I loved your off-the-grid set up!

    best regards,

    • Wow, Shawn, Great to hear from from a fellow G707 player, and from someone who remembers my music form over a decade ago. Yeah, I still have copies of Hallucigenia Sparsa, 1-G707+FX, as well as Never Turn Your Back on the Sea, an album of G707 solos recorded live in natural environments around the country, and produced entirely with solar power. They’re $7 each, plus $3 per order for shipping, or $20 even for all three, shipping included. Cash, check or money order to John Hardin, P.O. Box 2301 Redway, CA 95560

      Your blog, http://www.pyraphonic.com looks great too. I love analog synths, and it’s great to see so many new ones. I especially loved the Delptronic CV controled cowbell. Too much! Your song “You” sounds great too. Very nicely done. Thanks, John

  10. Hi John! Remember me? I used to be Kristabel. Well, really, I still am, I mean, you can take the girl out of the xanax….

    Just wanted to say that you’re the best thing to happen to the Lost Coast Outpost. xoxox

    • So nice to hear from you Kristabel! Of course I remember you. Thanks for all of the encouragement. Are you still in the Yucatan? That sounds like a blast! Glad to see that you are blogging again.

  11. I’m back in Humboldt now…all my parasites are gone (!), and I’m getting back into the swing of this American life. :/ I’ll be going back for Dia de los Muertos, though, so hopefully there’ll be a lot of fun, drunken stories to tell. Hope you’re having a great day!

  12. Funny story about the Laundromat. Do one about the rip off store Chataqua. Home of the $100 bag of groceries and wilted veggies.

  13. John I think you’re hilarious and your sardonic humor sheds a good needed light on things around here… Keep an eye out for a gift in your mud box

      • You’re welcome. I too think you should do a story on chatagua.. My wife and I went to Florida and cypress Grove chevre made in Cali (arcata or Petaluma) was cheaper in Jacksonville!! And Cali strawberries in season are more expensive in Michigan !

      • More expensive than in Michigan I should say… I think you could do a great job if uncovering lot of b.s. around humco, Cali, the world,judging by the your fearless choosing of subjext matter.. Perpetrated by dope yuppies, yuppie crossbreeds, yuppie rednecks, redneck yuppies, greedy hippies, weird idealouges, bankers, chp officers, and meth heads alike

  14. I’ll admit, i felt insulted once by an op-ed article you published in lost coast. I Thought FU John Hardin. I continued to read from lost or kym over the next year, then something clicked. I realized more of the articles & comments were permeating hate & violence towards people down on their luck, if it is their fault or not, it is something i was raised against. Somehow i had fallen into the darkside! Maybe it was the cookies, i don’t know! Thing is, I found myself loathing people I passed on the street & I even yelled at a few, including Ron. Anyday in town became an anxiety stress filled day! It was draining me dry, when all of a sudden, i realized my behavior was not making any difference but perpetuating the problem. I was helping beat a dead horse with the rest of the mob. I strayed away from the Love, I was taught from this community! I somehow had traded love for hate & judgemental views this community is now plagued with. How did this happen, i wondered, as i cried, I somehow lost myself. So i began inching away from those i know would not hear me. I began trying to find things to do with a more positive outcome for the community, avoiding groups that use judgement for change. Since then, i have felt so much better. No longer i feel anxiety in town. I nod hello to anyone i pass, those that deem themselves normal, those deemed loser by most, addicts, dealers, gang bangers, doesnt matter cause i remembered, “Words that emanate from the heart reach the heart!”
    Then this morning i remembered your article that pissed me off long ago and giggled. Little did i realize then, you cracked the mirror I used, to look at life the way I wanted to look at it. You helped me find myself again & i want to thank you for that.

    • Dear LCA, Thank you so much for that very moving comment. It made my day! I think that’s the nicest thing anyone has said about my writing. Thank you for taking the time to write. I really appreciate it.

  15. Man.. Sometimes I just love you, and sometimes I’m just wanting to wrong your neck. I guess that’s what you’re going for.. Wed probably get along in real life, but you use such grandiose statements and nasty insults that it’s hard to know if you are sardonic or just jaded.. But you do hate on sohum a lot and you write about it on the list coast outpost.. Really strange. And you talk smack on EVERYONE, which can be good, but do you really want the energy thrown your way after doing that? You seem like a energy aware person, and maybe you are immune to the vampire energy attacks and what not, but for the peace of the magical word space, couldn’t you help from hate? Do you want any peace because I’ve found that we are reflections of everything else and vice versa,manifesting this reality together. Found that out through mushrooms and music, just like you, right? So are you for real or just seeing who you piss off and get going because it’s fun? You could probably develop good kind folk to surround you and share you visions for what may be ethically and environmentally correct. Or maybe just don’t talk shit on sweet old ladies like Bonnie BlackBerry that actually, in the eyes of an outlaw, (not a criminal, an outlaw), does a lot more than you or most people and pubkically trying to expose and say hey, answer this question.. So peace to you and Amy, cuz when I see you walk around town I worry people are insulting you and angry with you behind your back .. Well, they are. That’s cool I guess, but there is a way to convey your ideas and not stir up so much disgust.. Just some thoughts.

    • Thanks for taking the time to write. A lot of people love my work because I say the things that are on their minds, and a lot of us are really sick of greedy drug dealers using their money to dominate the debate around here, but I don’t hate anyone. Just because you don’t like having your illusions shattered, or seeing your friends insulted in print is no reason to project your emotions onto me. Like I say, Sometimes I’m joking, sometimes I’m half joking and sometimes I’m serious, but sometimes It’s hard to tell the difference. If I wrote the way you suggest, even I wouldn’t bother to read it. People read my work because they find it entertaining and I write because I get a kick out of it, and people pay me money for it. I find Southern Humboldt culture such a rich source of material because these guys have been feasting on their own bullshit for so long that they have no idea how ridiculous they’ve become. I just point it out. I’m not worried about angry people insulting me behind my back. No one cares what drug dealers think anyway, if they think at all. Please, introduce yourself the next time you see Amy and I in town. Really, we’re some of the nicest people you are likely to meet in SoHum.

  16. Hi John. Again, your articles are good and sardonic, and offer a good persons perspective on the craziness that is. I listened to your show with Okras interview, or diatribe, the other morning. The man was articulate and smart and had valid points, and I appreciate, especially during a “free speech” pledge drive that you would give him a voice, when so many never are heard,and others are even banished from said radio station. But his credit dwindled when he used Rob as an example. Yes, the most notorious man on so hum for the last year or two, but before him there was someone else equally as outlandish. And while I agree with the bulk of Okras observation on how “houseless” folks are treated, Ron was a horror example. Just that afternoon on a break from work I watched Ron next to the Chevron smoking something that wasn’t weed out of a can. Homeless and crazy drug addict sometimes go hand I. Hand but they are not always related and Ron unfortunately is beyond any if our control… even Okras. Maybe the folks like okra should show other hard working members and business owners of their community they don’t tolerate the tweakers or thieves either, or the big baller asshole growers… just my thoughts. Have a wonderful summer

    • SoHum is no place to live if you can’t handle crazy drug addicts. We have more than our fair share. Most of them have homes, and a lot of them own businesses. I sympathize with Ron. The ones who are beyond reach are the greedy dope yuppies and the businesses who serve them. Those are the ones we should not have to tolerate. The fact that we have so much money here, but no services for the poor, demonstrates their lack of compassion, their greed and the coercive selfishness of the wealthy people around here. Listening to them dismiss poor people as undeserving or beyond help just disgusts me. Maybe the middle-class should demonstrate that they have some common decency by putting some resources towards helping the poor, and alleviating the housing crisis rather than suggesting that the poor become more discerning about who they will tolerate. Expecting the poor to tolerate the middle-class and the rich is really asking too much of them. It’s about time the rich and the middle-class took some responsibility for the social problems they create, and they should do that before they ask anything of the poor. I hope you have a wonderful summer too!

  17. Hi John,

    I was checking out your blog and I was thrilled to see your article on https://lygsbtd.wordpress.com/tag/prop-215/. It’s well-written and very informative. In your post, you used pictures that belong to our website, RunRepeat.com (http://runrepeat.com/expensive-running-shoes-are-not-better-than-more-affordable-running-shoes-study). Can I please ask you to place a link to us? I would much appreciate!
    Thanks for your time.
    Darya Levchenko
    Team RunRepeat

  18. John, your “SoHum Community Values” post was spot-on and awesome. You nailed it! The SoHum Community Park used the same smoke and mirrors tactic back in May 2009, when they used the community to talk about their “Guiding Principles”. Exactly the same pitch and format, the same people (Doug & Rio). I’m sure it was a World Cafe style meeting as well. It was used to make people feel good and they were apart of something bigger, their values and input was an important as the process.

    Its too bad most people don’t see how they are being manipulated. Thank you for your keen sense and ability to publish the truth, educate the public and call it what it is…

    Be well and be regular,
    Ed Voice

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