I live off-the-grid and out in the sticks in Humboldt County CA.  I have no phone, no data plan and no internet service at home.  I come to an internet cafe in town about once a week.  So, look for updates about once a week.  Look for humorous content (at least I think so) unless something really pisses me off, then you’ll hear about that.  Enjoy

26 responses to “About

  • Tejbans Kohli

    John, Love your twists! Bobby

  • Archana

    I just noticed i am on your blogroll!
    Thans a tonne man!
    Hugs. :)

  • Sihka

    Hey John,

    Love your style and perspective. Im from Istanbul, wanna get that whipphit thing for myself and friends. I tried back in Thailand it was hell of fun! So I just get the whip dispenser, and whippit gas?

    Cheers my friend,


  • BadAlice

    I was brought here by the Star ship Enterprise.

  • BadAlice

    Strange madness. ELO.

  • acephalist

    I stumbled across your blog via an article you wrote for Fifth Estate. You write some good stuff man. Bob McKee sounds like a complete douche.

    • john hardin

      Thanks for the kind words. Bob has his good qualities. He knows the land around here well, and genuinely cares for it. There are reasons people like him. Humboldt County, on the other hand, is brutal to the poor, and we have plenty of injustice around here to oppose, without worrying about the small problems of rich land developers.

      btw, thanks for including a link in your new blog, looking forward to reading more from the Acephalist

  • Regina Atkins

    Hi John,

    I am CRAZY about your tin can lanterns… we love your style and site and want to buy them!!! Feel free to call me at (949) 292-9506



  • Lucy Collins


    I enjoyed reading your blog very much,and referenced one of your cartoons on my site, with a link back to yours as acknowledgement. Hope that’s ok (and that it generates some traffic for you!).


    Lucy Collins

  • drafter

    Maybe I am missing something however the Segue that John Finley was operating and his horses Dakota and Debbie was pulling was most certainly not 28 thousand dollars. It was also not built in 1947 maybe 2009 as it is a kit that is bought from an on line company. Rare is not a term I would use since anyone can purchase this same item which is available in quantity.

  • Nanette Rae Freeman

    Hello John Hardin. I would love to talk with you about creating a tin can chandelier for me.
    Please email me. Thanks!!!

  • Feral Human

    I hope you heard Bill Honsal and Estelle Fennell on KMUD yesterday telling us to raise the sales tax so we can have a better funded police state, there was a lot of potential fodder there for a cynical blogger.

    When I asked how much they spend maintaining their MRAP, Honsal ducked the question and said it belongs to EPD, but it might come in handy some day eventually. Bud Rogers just about shat himself on the air when he heard they had one.

    I’ve been meaning to ask Estelle when exactly she went over to the Dark Side, but didn’t get around to it this time.

    You have the best blog in So Hum.

    • john hardin

      Thanks Feral, for the kind words. No I didn’t hear the show, but this weeks post is all about No on Measure Z. I hope you’ll read it and share it with as many people as possible. We need to stop this madness before it starts.

  • ishan

    hi john
    not sure if greg got ahold of you.
    do you guys want to play with us sat or sunday?
    like sit in with us.
    and record?
    would be fun.

    • john hardin

      Hi Ishan, Thanks for the invitation! We are here for the anarchist book fair, but we brought recording gear, in case the opportunity arose. We’ d love to hear you play, and record your set tonight, if possible.

  • Katya

    Hi John (and Amy)

    I met you at the library last Friday! Just finished reading the post about ‘laziness’—so nice to know there’s others out there!!!

    I haven’t read all that’s in the archives yet, I want to go slow and savor them slowly:)

    Thanks for putting this all out there, and for helping make me feel like I’m not so alone in this gorgeous but culturally sterile wasteland. SoHum-where the only thing that ever gets done is putting on the next boogie…

    Maybe we could start a club or something.

    • john hardin

      Hi Catherine, It was really nice to meet you on Friday, I’m glad that you are enjoying the blog. I think a club would be a great idea. It’s been on my mind to have an event in Garberville for lygsbtd readers. I think we’ll have to make that happen, maybe even this Spring.

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