For Tatiana: Circuit-Bent Improvisation 5943

Electric Earth Music

My friend Sean Powers asked me to bring some of my circuit-bent instruments and play at his puppet/variety show: “Something Different” at the Exit Theater in Arcata on Weds. May 31.

I accepted the challenge. I enjoy making circuit-bent and other odd music in my home studio, but performing live is a whole different ballgame. After thinking about it a bit, and trying a few things out, I arrived at a combination of instruments that I think appropriate to the occasion. I especially like the aesthetics of this setup, so I posted a photo of it on Facebook.

My friend Tatiana, a fellow didgeridoo player and electronic noise artist with Otolithia asked to hear what it sounds like, so I recorded this piece for Tatiana Musique.

I recorded it all in real time, in one take, on one track, in mono, with no edits, overdubs or enhancement, because that’s how…

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Author: john hardin

Artist bio: The writer in me says: “Don’t tell them who you are, show them what you do.” The artist in me says: “It must be strong, simple, bold, yet rich with detail, but above all, original.” The filmmaker in me says: “We need to contextualize your work by weaving the roots of the Psychedelic Revolution, the Environmental Movement, Gaia Theory, Future Primitivism and musical influences from Iannis Xenakis to Bart Hopkin into a narrative that portrays an iconoclast's struggle for cultural relevance from the forested hinterlands of rural Northern California within the greater post-industrial, post-post-modern, post-reality mind-fuck of the 21st Century.” The critic in me says: “Will that guy ever shut up?” The comedian in me says: “It has to make me laugh at least once.” The engineer in me says: “Don’t forget to tell them that you do it all off-grid, with solar power, using recycled materials.” And the improvisational musician in me says: “Cut! Great job everybody!”

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