The Inside Scoop from Outer Roominations

God it felt good to play out! For my first gig in more than a year, Outer Roominations couldn’t have been better; beautiful location, relaxed environment with cool people, and a great event that brought artists together to create installations and performance spaces in natural settings along an art walk that threaded through the forested bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean near Lolita. It was a total gas!

I played as part of Medicine Baul, as a solo performer, and as part of the improvised accompaniment to the dance/movement/performance art ensemble: Feral Feral. Medicine Baul played long sets on all three days, I played solo sets on Saturday and Sunday, and with Feral Feral on Sunday and Monday, so I got to play a lot, and enjoyed camping-out there all weekend. For Medicine Baul, it was the first time we had gotten together in about 16 months. For me, it was a chance to unleash a sound that I’ve been waiting over a year to debut in front of a live audience, and an opportunity to play as part of an avant-garde improvisational ensemble, in real time, in the real world, with real people. Like I said, it was an amazing event. I even managed to record a little of it.

My solo performance on Saturday the 29th, although far from flawless, still shows the power and originality of my live sound. When I have the opportunity to play my didgeridoo and effects rig through an adequate sound system, it sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before, but it totally fucking rocks! If you don’t believe me, just listen!

Author: john hardin

I make music. At least, that's what I call it. I don't care much for most of the music I find marketed for my consumption, so I make my own, off-the-grid, on a forested mountainside in Humboldt County, CA in my solar powered studio. I play a variety of instruments, most of which I build myself, from recycled materials, and I compose original music for them. I play out occasionally, often playing solo electric didgeridoo, but I also work in ensemble. I love to work with other musicians, especially people who do something different with music.

2 thoughts on “The Inside Scoop from Outer Roominations”

  1. Thanks for continuing to send me these. I find them interesting and entertaining. Keep up the good work John.

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