Life Might be Smarter Than You Think

So, I’m looking at a piece of junk mail I got the other day from AAA, encouraging me to reactivate my expired membership, and then something caught my eye from the bottom of the page. Two normal words juxtaposed as to form a sentence, but instead of a period at the end of it, there was a “™” indicating a trademark, but the message it conveyed just blew me away as the single most blasphemous, arrogant, irresponsible and stupid thing I ever read in my life. In fact, it so perfectly concentrated all those qualities in such purity, so concisely, that the profundity of it stunned me. This is what it said:

Outsmart Life™

If this ever sounds like a good idea to you, I suggest you take a good hard look at your life and what you are trying to accomplish, because you just might be completely nuts.

Personally, I take great comfort in the knowledge that life is far wiser than I, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to explore and appreciate as much of her as I can, but I dare not presume that I know better than she. After all, she’s been here at least 500 million years, eternity maybe, while I am, let’s just say, “considerably younger.” She’s been everything that ever was, and will be, and done everything that’s ever been done, or will ever happen. My life, on the other hand, has had a much narrower focus. No, I wouldn’t dream of trying to “Outsmart Life™,” and the one thing I have complete trust in, is that life knows what she is doing.

Drone music reminds us of the awesome power and infinite wisdom of life. That’s probably why there’s so little drone music in Western Culture. My drone music always begins with the didgeridoo, and it always feels like a prayer. By itself, the didgeridoo sounds very earthy, pure and spiritual. When I add the voices of some of my homemade instruments from the Orchestra of the Unwanted, the sound takes on a darker dimension.

I think my instruments reflect the trauma of being forged in the violence of consumer capitalism, and outliving their usefulness. They all sound as though they might be better at something else, but they add a certain Gothic, sci-fi quality that, I think, reflects the spirit of our age. I plan to release an album of drone music in the near future. Here’s a piece I recorded recently that might be on it.

Author: john hardin

Artist bio: The writer in me says: “Don’t tell them who you are, show them what you do.” The artist in me says: “It must be strong, simple, bold, yet rich with detail, but above all, original.” The filmmaker in me says: “We need to contextualize your work by weaving the roots of the Psychedelic Revolution, the Environmental Movement, Gaia Theory, Future Primitivism and musical influences from Iannis Xenakis to Bart Hopkin into a narrative that portrays an iconoclast's struggle for cultural relevance from the forested hinterlands of rural Northern California within the greater post-industrial, post-post-modern, post-reality mind-fuck of the 21st Century.” The critic in me says: “Will that guy ever shut up?” The comedian in me says: “It has to make me laugh at least once.” The engineer in me says: “Don’t forget to tell them that you do it all off-grid, with solar power, using recycled materials.” And the improvisational musician in me says: “Cut! Great job everybody!”

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