Live at Urkult Music Festival

Electric Earth Music

We had an amazing weekend at the Urkult Music Festival at the Namforsen rock carvings in Nasaker, Sweden.  Urkult is a three-day festival in the forest, by the river, at a location that has over 1,000 stone age rock carvings, indicating that this site has been considered sacred for several thousand years.  The festival features “Eldnatten” or “Night of Fire,” a big theatrical production with a lot of fire and fire-dancing.  We heard many great performances at Urkult including Pussy Riot, Maija Kauhanen, Mari Boine, Kroke and Urna, and the Bauls of Bengal.  We had lovely weather for most of the festival, however, it rained a bit on Saturday afternoon, when I got to perform.  I was amazed at how many people came out and stood in the rain to listen.

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Author: john hardin

Artist bio: The writer in me says: “Don’t tell them who you are, show them what you do.” The artist in me says: “It must be strong, simple, bold, yet rich with detail, but above all, original.” The filmmaker in me says: “We need to contextualize your work by weaving the roots of the Psychedelic Revolution, the Environmental Movement, Gaia Theory, Future Primitivism and musical influences from Iannis Xenakis to Bart Hopkin into a narrative that portrays an iconoclast's struggle for cultural relevance from the forested hinterlands of rural Northern California within the greater post-industrial, post-post-modern, post-reality mind-fuck of the 21st Century.” The critic in me says: “Will that guy ever shut up?” The comedian in me says: “It has to make me laugh at least once.” The engineer in me says: “Don’t forget to tell them that you do it all off-grid, with solar power, using recycled materials.” And the improvisational musician in me says: “Cut! Great job everybody!”

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