6 comments on “Punishing Homeless People

  1. Especially when one considers the hundreds of thousands of State & Federal dollars funnelled in to The County in the name of housing, especially the disabled. When a person or agency actually contributes to or causes the harm they claim to relieve, there is abuse of the justice system. There is no shortage of resources to solve these socioeconomic problems, but the mismanagement of housing & programs prevents effective execution of resolution.

  2. Everything you wrote is spot on except that I haven’t seen the county’s hired guns taking pleasure in beating on homeless (and they aren’t overpaid) but some of the local wannabe gangsters have enjoyed that cruel sport. And it’s a micro version of the national macro system of blaming victims, encouraging greed and selfishness, and picking on those who can’t fight back or afford legal help. Thanks John.

    • I don’t know whether they take pleasure in it or not, but they spend a lot of their time threatening to take people to jail for things that are not crimes, moving them along, and destroying their meager camps. Compared to what I make, they sure are overpaid, especially considering that most of what they do is provide price supports for drug dealers and bouncer service for business owners who think of public spaces as their private club. Sure, Humboldt is a micro version of the national macro system, but Humboldt has a concentration of drug-war fueled wealth, drug-war induced poverty with too many cops enforcing the cruel and unjust laws that created this mess in the first place. All money spent fighting the War on Drugs is a waste, and everyone who gets paid to fight it is overpaid.

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