6 comments on “Why Do I Do It?

  1. When people find out that I don’t go along with Christmas, the 4th of July, Reggae on the River, Disneyland, Star Wars and a host of other myths they tend to assume I’m just a contrary old cuss. But it feels so much better to be free of bullshit that I don’t really care.

  2. Latsko is very correct in trying to free oneself from the b******* problem is however how do you free yourself from it when you are the point of affection for it…iow,

    You’re so popular that people want to continue coming after you… and you don’t try to make yourself popular you’re just popular because you’re doing what you do no different than John Hardin which is try to put focus on things rather than yourself but because it’s yourself putting the focus on those things you get attacked. So that means it’s an even tougher job risk to do the thing that you do to inform other people because you put yourself out on to the walking plank… kind of like Jesus Christ of Nazareth…

    John Hardin is the best blog writer for non-sports in the county and there’s not even anyone who’s close as most others usually have to lie, deflect and invent melodrama within their own comments or their own story write up just to get enough people to read…. flocks of sheeple people, very ignorant but very needy for others to do the thinking for them or put the words into their mouth for them or to Simply discuss something that that particular ignorant individual was too lazy to research for them self because they didn’t care in the first place…

    Hats off to Latsko and hats off to John Hardin…

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