15 comments on “The Facts of Life about Humboldt’s Cannabis Industry

  1. Blood stains every single dollar of black-market marijuana money.

    Response: Disagree for the little guy, there are differences…Agree with regard to outsiders who have relocated north for trafficking cartelesque…

    Black Market is safer in ways policy makers deny…being so open allows real criminals to track easy thefts and rip offs…not to mention hacking satellite images to see blurry close up and personal…

    It is a fucking joke JH, policy fucked shit up worse…shoulda only decriminalized and focused on the rip off types and environmental polluters…

    It is easy to surveil and watch gubbamint types go inspect a grow site…this fear based environment was made worse intentionally for up front fees and charges which look good until you compare back end costs attributed to the antithesized failures which are exceeding the deposit side of the balance sheet…

    Yes, our elected officials are in over their head so much, that the student body over at Glen Paul School next to Winship JHS would be better reps…not to mention GPS enrolls already better humanoids!

  2. Unfortunately, profiling is necessary for the black market, and secured national borders too…then, secure state lines…but we know California is a turnstile SuperMarket of corporate reality, look no further than OIL!

    HYPOCRISY…kill it to end the war on drugs and criminality that follows suit.

    Only voters can kill the hypocrisy, at least foster the right people to lead the charge…

    Hate California, it is worth the sentiments…

  3. Oklahoma has the right idea on cannabis businesses. One 5 page state law.. No county law. Treated like any other ag crop with some safety exceptions that are no brainers and easy to comply with. Simple, inexpensive fee and license structure. 7% tax on gross profit. Several NORML attorneys in OK to set up your business. Moving to the Sooner State soon. Hope you all stay here and try to make a living in Humboldt with a small, boutique legal cannabis business. Not to happen. Black Market lives on due to ignorance . . . or stupidity of elected reps. What an opportunity we blew. We could have owned the legal cannabis business if only our reps didn’t have regulationitis and hadn’t been so damn greedy.

  4. Not long after I arrived here, so did CAMP. At that time, it looked to me as though most of the people growing dope were leftist oriented hippie types who were trying to make a go of it in the hills and there were organizations operating that held the promise of a sustainable, counter culture movement made viable by the additional income that could be obtained by growing clean weed. It was more of a sharing economy, it seemed to me, evidenced by the growth of Redwoods Rural Health Center, the credit union, and various useful new businesses around town. I was pleased to see that the invasion by the state and federal “war on drugs”, meaning poor people, forces met intelligent resistance on the part of left leaning locals. But then one morning I ventured outside of the restaurant where I worked to shout out my displeasure at the invading forces that were mobilizing at a local motel and found that people were telling me to cool it and not be so, shall we say, forceful. Then came cocaine, materialism, the boogie mentality, and the slow but sure progression to the distasteful place we now have to live with. It’s been sorrowful. It’s a hoarding economy now and some still want us to be silent.

  5. Does anybody know what happened to Chris Giauque? His dad Robert is very ill and would like to give Chris a proper burial. That’s not too much to ask! Read chrisreward.org for update. Who called Robert from (615) 393-1919 in June of 2014? He was an eyewitness to the murder, but said Chris’ body was taken off Spyrock; wrapped in a tarp and thrown into the back of a pickup. He was suppose to call back with G.P.S. #’s of body, but never did. He was fleeing to Mississippi. (615) is southern TN; northern MS. Please help. Chris was cool. Killed 2 weeks after being married. We all know who did it, but that’s being dealt with. Right now just the 411 on his remains, PLEASE.

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