12 comments on “Who Are They Protecting and Who Do They Serve?

  1. Great write-up JH.

    One does wonder how many missing came to Humco just to disappear in suicidal tendencies…

    …murder #’s versus individual mandated suicide #’s versus those who get lost from adventuring…personally don’t believe murders are as prominant as the movie implies…lots of guessing though…hopefully facts lead to confirmations…

    • I think a lot of people come here to work, and end up getting killed by their employer or associates in the black market marijuana industry. Some people come here to disappear from civilization, avoid debts, etc. I don’t think they come here to commit suicide since you can do that anywhere.

      • Was it 2 years ago a missing person was found deceased, and info that it was a suicide in the beauty of nature…

        …personally not seeing a high rate of murders by black market, and it is fact that more crime is occuring too within the non black market, so, until data can split up the markets seperately, how will we know accurately.

        It is true as day is to night, murders have been committed, but how many and under what circumstances…don’t think the movie clearly depicts actual reality…

      • I think Murder Mountain did a pretty good job of covering the Rodriquez murder, and in the course of it, we saw three labor disputes turn violent. We have one of the highest murder rates in the state, and we also have one of the highest suicide rates and drug overdose rates. Maybe we just have more violent assholes and hopeless losers than other counties. Does the black market attract violent assholes and hopeless losers, or do violent assholes and hopeless losers create black markets? It’s kind of a chicken and egg question.

  2. I think the sherrif was straight with you that someone ” higher up” didn’t like the idea and quashed it.
    Of course an ongoing series is a great idea but your guest, Lt Fridley, was speaking as a man and a community member, not as a member of a governmental military force designed from the git-go to protect certain business interests over others. Rest assured he has been spoken to and set straight.
    Think of it like a blip, a momentary bit of reason, which has been corrected back to the same good ole, leave it to us boy, mentality.
    The lame excuse is just made up on the fly and is not important. The higher ups who remain anonymous are busy and important. They don’t have time to answer us peons.

  3. The Sheriff’s reply to you reads just like the kind of rubbish that his predecessor Mr. Downey would come up with, leaving the impression that he thinks we are all too stupid to see through it. I was not aware that news had ceased to belong in the public domain once it has been reported. Don’t they send the same press releases to all outlets? They are in need of better comedians but I salute Fridley for his efforts.

    • As far as I know, they have never put this information in a press release. The Mendocino Co Sheriff has a web page for missing persons and for cold murder cases. Humboldt Co has no such thing.

  4. Just one more red herring from the notoriously corrupt and incompetent HCSO, not surprising at all. The grow gangs pulling in tens of millions of dollars per year know that rural sheriffs are surprisingly affordable.

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