28 comments on “Watching Murder Mountain

  1. I thought that it was good piece of journalism that told a story that needed to be told. Until I saw the reaction from the sheriff, I was giving the department and the various deputies credit for cooperating with the story. Generally when people look bad on film it’s their own doing. If the sheriff truly wants to be trusted in investigations, it would help if he admitted that perhaps some jurisdiction farther up the slippery pole of justice took matters away from him. Bless the folks who told the truth and shame on those who didn’t.

  2. Standing and clapping! You nailed it John!! Thanks for your reporting in our community. I find this to be a true representation of the sheriffs department. Remember a few years back when there were many many burglaries going on in the redway and garberville area? Anything that wasn’t nailed down was stolen?? The sheriffs twisted up the unsheltered population like a pretzel looking for that stolen property. Everyone reported it wasn’t on the streets, too back off!! They found it ALL in a cave in Alterpoint of a father son Sheltered drug addicts home. I mean EVERYTHING that was stolen in the so hum area was in that cave!! Mike Downey reported that they new this father son team lived there for decades. He just forgot to say that the sheriffs were too big of pussys to go out there and turn them inside out!! There’s so many of these cases..
    Yes,I said this one has me standing and clapping and clapping! It’s just the way my local eyes see it!!

  3. Hi John,

    I sent the below email to CLMP and KMUD a day or more before the show tonight during which Bonnie spoonfed nothing but softball questions to Honsal. She did not ask any of my questions.
    To: gm@kmud.org, sydney@kmud.org

    When Bonnie interviews Sheriff Honsal, I’d like her to mention as many of my comments as she can, from an anonymous listener.

    1- I saw Murder Mountain and it strongly reinforces the image of HCSO as notoriously corrupt and incompetent.

    2. You did not go to law school, I did.

    3. It is not your place to decide that there is insufficient evidence to arrest or convict the alleged perpetrator, as he is called in the movie.

    4. Murder case arrest warrants are issued based on hearsay all the time. If a guy says, “I killed him” that is not hearsay, it is an admission against interest.

    5. Leading people to a buried body is not testimonial and not hearsay. It is evidence that tends to prove guilt.

    6. The DA’s job is to decide when to ask a Judge for an arrest warrant. Your job is to file a report with the DA so she can present it to a Judge who will decide if there is sufficient evidence to arrest and prosecute someone.

    7. Please present this to the DA. If she wants to protect the alleged perpetrator, then let her take the political heat for that decision. It is her decision, not yours, and ultimately the final decision on whether to let a criminal case go to trial belongs to a Judge, not the DA, and not you.

    8. You are obstructing justice by refusing to report this to the DA based on your decision to protect the alleged perpetrator, based either on your gross ignorance of the law or your having been corrupted or at least biased in this matter.

    Please do your fucking job and stop preventing this case from moving forward.

    Thank you.

    An Anonymous Person

      • CLMP is not supposed to buddy up with HCSO, CLMP is supposed to call out government misconduct, whether it is Honsal obstructing justice or the DA refusing to do her job. And KMUD should run a story asking why is Honsal protecting the known killer mentioned in Murder Mountain, why is the DA doing the same thing, and why is CLMP not screaming bloody murder when this is happening here. You are often at KMUD, maybe you could ask the news department why it has ignored my emails and refused to call out Honsal for obstruction of justice and usurpation of the functions of the DA. And why does the FBI public corruption unit not look into a Sheriff’s Department that lets both local and international gangs operate here with impunity?

      • “I am here at KMUD, and I share your concerns. I shared your comments with our station manager.”

        Is the manager going to ask the News people to cover this issue?

      • Seems like the news department should be independent from the general manager. Why won’t KMUD ask anyone about the cover up of the murder documented in Murder Mountain? DA is failing to do her job, and the Sheriff is obstructing justice by failing to even submit a report to the DA. Why are there no investigative reporters in this County?

      • Sydney, our News Director is acting as Station Manager until KMUD hires a new Station Manager. I’ve been after the Sheriff about the murders, but the sheriff is uncooperative. No one else wants to risk offending the cannabis industry.

    • I really detest anonymous letters but the writer makes points that most of us were asking ourselves as we watched. Sheriff Honsal said that we needed to build trust but so does he and nothing he has said or done so far does that. It seems obvious to me that DEA or FBI took things away in this matter so why not say so?

  4. I’m saying I don’t know but what it it looks like is that some agency stepped in and took it away from the Humboldt County sheriff. What do you think? What does the district attorney say?

  5. The DA was not in Murder Mountain so I and all of us have no idea what her position is on whether a guy who confessed to a murder and led multiple witnesses to the buried body should be prosecuted. Someone needs to ask her that question but she has never retuned any of my phone calls on any subject. My impression is that she is sort a law enforcement groupie who will comply with the whims of the sheriff and will probably protect his ongoing obstruction of justice.

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