12 comments on ““Polarization?”

  1. and yet we must still hope the good liberals get out to vote, take the House, and provide a bulwark against further depredations from the asshole-in-chief

  2. I agree 100 per cent. I always vote, but I have no illusions about it. Democrats versus Republicans will always be meaningless because they all feed from the same trough and only those comfortable with the status quo are silly enough to urge us all to be “pragmatic”. The only times that progress has ever been made have been when people were desperate enough to organize and not be stopped by fear of injury, imprisonment, and death. That’s a hard sell when people are brainwashed into thinking that all they need is a new car, a hot pizza, and a cold beer.

    • Thanks Ray, I appreciate it. Case in point: In the week dominated by the mad pipe bomber, and the synagogue shooting, NPR ran a story about a survey in which 4 in 10 Americans think the “me too” movement has gone “too far.”

  3. Amen, John. I couldn’t agree more with your analysis. Keep up the excellent commentaries, especially re:our current politico-cultural morass. Of course, everything has a political component, so it’s all ‘fair game,’ but I greatly appreciate your covering both the local and the national, and points in between.

  4. It’s true! We have no voting choices! it’s plain and simply obvious! I hate having my voting choices being limited to republican or democrat, all of which is comprised of rich people and those who brown-nose the rich people so they can get their breadcrumbs. And then we have those counterparts of the working-class such as the po-lice – who are paid to protect the rich. The existing system is rigged so that the working-class could never succeed in changing it. The only alternative I see as making progress that helps the average working-class person (defined as one isn’t paid to support the rich) is building critical mass through a long succession and series of violent uprisings, insurrections, and actions such as what happened with the Occupy Wall Street, Ferguson, Oakland, New York and Baltimore (2014-2015), DAPL/Standing Rock, etc. etc… the list goes on and on.

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