8 comments on “Cannabis is not Wine

  1. The similarity is in the terroir. You cannot grow Humboldt weed in Hawaii and we cannot grow Maui Wowie here.

    • I know at least a few people who sell Humboldt weed as Hawaiian, in Hawaii. Weed is weed. Get over it. Terroir huh. I suppose that’s why consumers pay more for indoor weed. They love that warehouse terroir.

      • If you cannot tell an indica from a sativa, you don’t know much about the herb. Sadly, most pot consumers are not well versed in these matters, so for some people, yes, weed is weed, but for some of us, there is a huge difference between strains. I can tell an indica from a sativa easily.

      • I think there’s a lot more indica being grown on the islands because it requires a shorter growing season. I still prefer sativa too.

      • Indoor is preferred by dealers who like uniform bud sizes, true weed aficionados all prefer outdoor. BTW, growing it outdoors removes C02 from the atmosphere but indoor grows create more C02 so outdoor pot is environmentally friendly in a way that indoor weed is not. As you know, most fools drink crappy mass produced beer but a few people with an educated palate would never drink that stuff.

  2. Thank you. Your comments on “cannabis culture” reminded me of how great it once was to smoke weed and discover all of those things. I don’t like it when it’s too strong and I sneer at all of the bullshit adjectives. Greed and its partner, corruption, take the fun out of almost everything. Consultants and bureaucrats! Rubbish.

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