8 comments on “The Future of The Mateel

  1. Voters are not much these days because we remove ourselves from ftaud, a sham process built upon false intentions as the retoric to pass the vote……at what point does any actual election not count anymore of course dependent upon one variable in one variable only and that variable has to be the percentage of eligible voters who actually vote versus the percentage of actual voters who don’t vote…..

    All elections and results should be avoided if less than two thirds of eligible voters vote in other words if a third or more eligible voters don’t vote the election should be redone because no election or results should stand where you don’t have a clear or super majority of people involved when you get close to 50% and 50% those who vote versus those who don’t you don’t have a democracy and you certainly don’t have a democratic republic…….

    …… processes have become so many and convoluted these days that bad apples in politics understand how to use a sham process in order to obtain results that are undemocratic; and simply using words on paper that show a process doesn’t mean the process was actually followed to the words on the paper, and for that you would have to have a full review or a lawsuit and who’s got the money in time for that…… it’s like why Congress doesn’t read everything and would just rather vote on something now like when Obama was in office and the health care bill got voted on Harley anybody that voted on it actually read everything in it so they don’t know what they’re voting on there just blinded Lee voting yes or no…… that is a failure of democracy because the people that voted them in in majority most likely expected that they’re going to do their job and part of their job is to read every character in every word that makes up every sentence in every paragraph on every page of every chapter or subchapter of any text or document or transmittal…… but instead the American people who are good get nothing but bullshit….

  2. Many good, community minded people were involved when the community center in Garberville got torched. Very slowly but very surely over the years I sensed that, as the cathedral got built and established and hippies began to evaporate, the idea that it was really a community based organization disappeared. Volunteer labor and the culture of partying our way out of trouble led to the corruption that gradually weakened the unity that had, at least rhetorically, once existed until it became a money machine. Good events like productions by San Francisco Mime Troupe, Feet First, and high school dramas were far outnumbered by the boogies to raise money to have a boogie to raise money to have a boogie. I thought it would have died a natural death years ago.

    • Thanks for that historical perspective Jerry. If partying could save the world, Woodstock would have brought the Vietnam War to an end and The Mateel would be our hero Unfortunately, the world doesn’t work like that.

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