8 comments on “Stand Up for the Stratocaster

  1. Funny!

    Is Fender “The Company” no longer FTC? Or, is it just Gibson that is a “sell-out” to foreigner f-holes?


    It was bad enough when Fender put F-holes on Telecasters, but that didn’t bother me because Telecasters are for country music. Country music is songs about people who do stupid things, sung by people who dress like cowboys but have no cows. In other words, country music is all about being stupid and phony, so a phony F-hole on a solid-body Telecaster in a country band just fits right in.

    That’s not OK for a Stratocaster. The Stratocaster was built for Rock-n-Roll and christened by Jimi Hendrix himself. Rock-n-Roll is solid and heavy. It requires a heavy, solid-bodied electric guitar. The Stratocaster just barely weighs enough as it is. Gibson’s Les Paul model, another iconic Rock-n-Roll guitar, weighs a ton, but you don’t see them routing fucking F-holes into it, do you? No. If Gibson wants to make F-holes, they build a nice arch-top guitar and put the F-holes where they belong. If Fender wants to cut F-Holes so bad, they should learn to make an arch-top guitar themselves instead of defacing a classic Rock-n-Roll legend.

  2. IOW,

    Both Fender and Gibson have gone the way of the dodo bird…….only purchase pre-80 guitars, otherwise you are buying non-genuine name brands because genuine went out the door in the 1970’s…….for much of american society……down the shitter!

      • No, they really don’t, they are cheapened even when expensive……but they do business…..most musicians who are real electric guitar players will not play a post 1980’s guitar if they can help it…..guitars are not like new tech in golf clubs…..and do carry nostalgia and the equipment then creates an undiplicable sound…….

      • A good guitar player can make music with any decent instrument. Most guitars these days are made with much more care and attention than most players give them. If you can’t make music with the instrument you have, it’s probably because you don’t work at it enough.

  3. I love this article. Sarcasm at it’s best. I couldn’t find it on Facebook; I wanted to share it . Mom.

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