6 comments on “A Community in Crisis

  1. This situation is like the creation of the automobile. After the proliferation of the auto, the horse buggy manufacturer’s future was grim. Horse buggy manufacturers had to find another way to create income. Buggies were done.
    I feel this area is up against the same situation. The small pot growers probably won’t survive. The need for new types of employment are now here.
    One of the biggest problems is the collective damage to our environment. The river is almost dry. The steelhead and salmon can not get up to the feeder creeks on the South Fork Eel to breed. The chemicals used to grow are finding their way into the water and creating unhealthy conditions for the wildlife and fish.
    It is a fact that when the river was full of water and the fishing season was open, you could not find a room in Garberville. As things are developing now, Garberville is on the way to becoming a ghost town.
    One of the reasons we live here is to enjoy the abundance of the forests and wildlife. If these items, fish and forests, were rescued from the effects of marijuana, maybe we could bring the tourist money back to this area. This could bring employment and money back to the area.

    • Great comment Micheal! I couldn’t agree more. We’ve sacrificed a lot for the cannabis industry, and now the cannabis industry will sacrifice this community. We still have a lot, and what we have is even more valuable than pot ever was, but it will take imagination, innovation and hard work to make it pay off.

  2. Well crafted John, brought it down to the core and made it understandable for every one. Do you think it will help.? Is that a tree house at the end? It looks really artistic. Love Mom

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    • Thanks mom, I don’t know if it will help, but it made me feel better. I’m not sure that the house pictured at the end is technically a tree house, because I think that house is built on the ground, but incorporates the trees around it as vertical support posts. Either way, it is a good example of hippie architecture.

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