6 comments on “Don’t Blame the Russians

  1. I object!!!! I do to do Christmas. I just spell it Xmas. Good post , lots of truths in there. But I still blame the Russkies, If not for them, Hillary would have won the election and we would be having a whole different dialogue. Mom

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  2. Julian Ass., the Australian rapist who wishes he were Russian 🇷🇺 , when you get to Club Fed after Traitor Trump the Chump 🐘💩🏌️‍♂️🇷🇺💰🚽💥🔥is dumped by his boyfriend/puppetmaster Vladiqueer Putin, DON’T DROP THE SOAP, BITCH (I mean PRISON BITCH)!!! ⚖️🚿. Big Bubba is going to bend you over, like Ned Beatty on a whitewater rafting trip you’ll be squealing like a pig 🐷 with your purdy lil’ mouth 👄 🍌 while toothless Trumptarded hillbillies hump you from behind. 🐘🏌️‍♂️🍊💩🍌

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