4 comments on “The Southern Humboldt Health Care District Wants to Know

  1. It is amazing how few people actually care about this clearly “church-run” public agency. The most interesting part is the way it is operated: They talk and talk and talk, and then they try to ram past a tax measure! Recently, the SHCHD installed a CAT scanner, which they do not need, and cannot afford, and now they are engaged in a public harassment program to extend the “District Tax”. Over and over they mislead the public, waste the resources given to them, and then ask for more!

    The current cast of liars at SHCHD, including Barb Truitt, who is a nice lady who should retire, Matt Rees, who was drummed out of two or three other hospitals for low performance, and Kent Scown, a true dyed in the wool asshole, who loves to harass and then fire staff members, for sport! The HR lady, who was hired by Harry Jasper, because he loves hot-girls, is so dishonest and incompetent that she can’t remember what she is doing or has done, and on an average day, does so little, besides take selfies and post them on instagram, that she should be set out in the street!

    Everyone in Admin at SHCHD is paid to lie, and paint themselves as professional adults in public. The board at SHCHD was nearly completely stuffed with non-elected and incompetent individuals, and the District so often violates it’s own policies, that the whole thing should just be closed. This is not even to mention the very poor-quality medical staff, which wholly consists of nurses who have prescription pads, and the occaisional actual MD. Michael Newdow is the worst amongst them, an MD so poor, so straight up evil, I can’t really say enough to describe him

    • Wow, sounds like you’ve had some bad experiences at our hospital. I don’t doubt it. Every X-ray I ever had done there had to be done again in Fortuna, because they never sent the film along. Instead, they gave me a CD, which the doctor had no use for. I imagine the CAT scan machine will just be another opportunity to receive needless radiation to make a picture that your doctor will never see.

  2. I intend to vote yes on measure F despite the fact that I find the way that it is being sold as simplistic and condescending. “Vote for this, or try driving to Fortuna while having a heart attack”. I’m voting yes because, as with the credit union and the school district, it’s an institution worth saving despite sometimes being operated by folks who have no business doing so. It’s ours, if we consider ourselves part of a real community, to keep and fix and use. We need interested people to run for the board with these institutions but we’ve become a community with a lot less community spirit than existed when I moved here three and a half decades ago. We like to complain but we don’t like to help. What the health care district and the school district and every other serious entity here needs is to drop the chamber of commerce bullshit way of looking at problems and face the fact that serious professional people will not want to live within our boundaries—it costs too much money, the environment is under very serious attack constantly by ignorant, greedy numbskulls, and law enforcement as it stands works in favor of the scofflaws. It’s obvious to any visitor. As you point out, a safe, friendly place that values education and other forms of social advancement is a place where decent folks want to live. That’s what we need to work on, not building new buildings for strangers to work their twelve hour shifts inside and then go away. But these are things to argue for in public meetings, not to use as an excuse to vote “no”.

    • I hear you Jerry. I did not vote “yes” but could not bring myself to vote “no” For the first time since I was 18 I sat this election out, largely because of my ambiguous feelings about this question.

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