10 comments on “A Brief History of Music Pt 1

  1. Music – a universal language of cultures…… but Americans and diversity kinda threw a monkey wrench into the “universal theory”, sex, drugs and rock and roll…….and gangsta rap……oh, the cursing and female degredation and stupification and, and, and……

    Most American music is shit stained crapola….and even the etiquette stuff like Sara Bareilles is championed as great song writing……musicians today are farther away from originality than ever…….really, the music scene is garbage these days……

    • All of that music is weaponized. It is all about empire. Unless you make your own, you probably have never heard real music, and real music is not universal, it is personal. Music is available to anyone who makes the effort to approach it, but music is different for everyone.

  2. HOJ prefers a good dose of jam sessions with lots of originality……. it’s ok to have preferences and idols, but gee whiz, get some originality……plus, too many people want to live a musician’s lifestyle, but they fuggin suck at music and are in denial with a big boatload of competitors…..plus, too much of the same ole corporate billboard puke music on repeat cycle…….

    And fuck the KGOE espn sports talk radio employee driving in Eureka intentionally like a selfish little prick douche on a stick…. media misfit mental midget

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