8 comments on “Homelessness and Mental Illness

  1. I told her that I didn’t think poor people owed her anything. By the time you’ve made someone sleep outside in the rain, put up fences and bars everywhere, and paid cops to roust them from every dry, sheltered place they can find, you’ve pretty much blown your chances for friendship, and you should not be surprised to find them in a bad mood.

    John – you’ve got some splainin to do…. you’ve caused homelessness too……or, you can rewrite your verbiage…..😎 because not everyone is guilty for someone else’s plight.

    Most homeless are dope heads and miscreants……and they punish mother nature to boot…….if homeless didn’t live like sloppy dopehead swine, maybe camping permits would be more available, but homeless are incapable to respect and find it easier to blame their lifestyle on others……..

    What would be best is a culling process……accept the good, fuck over the bad…….

      • Owe versus splainin’ to do…….you reacted without reading or just being stupid…..

      • I owe you nothing. You owe your community a better attitude. I answer your stupid comments every fucking week, even though I think you are an idiot, because I’m a nice guy. I keep my opinion of you to myself and defend your right to be a complete asshole, because I know you can’t help it, but when you talk shit about the people in our community who struggle with poverty and addiction, you show off your true stupidity and ugliness on my blog, and I have no choice but to call you on it.

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