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  1. Good job John. I haven’t seen the effects much myself but I work at a preschool. One thing I’ve noticed is that there are an awful lot of cheap things for sale on the local Faceschnook group, like for $5. There is a whole world of things to write about on your blog and you are certainly capable. Thanks.

  2. JH – you are a very good writer, don’t peave us good folk….

    As far as pot, we do disagree on issues, but that is ok since it ain’t much….

    But the major disagreement is on policy.

    HOJ ran an election that incorporated a “NO POT POLICY” directive……

    When it comes to those who voted in favor of legalization and policy, HOJ will use an old line, actially two, from Lou Holtz,

    “What did HOJ tell ya” and “Just like HOJ said”……

    HOJ can be the greatest supe Humboldt ever had, but voters got to get educated……and as it is, voters are easily lied to and believe what they read, hear, so voters vote for posers, liars, shmoozers, cons, etc……….and voters locally seem to get upset at critical analyses…..so it seems that the whole shitshow has got to crumble so bad, that voters stop voting because actually getting a human messiah elected is near impossible in today’s greedy world……

    Recap of the BOS by LOCO sheds light on all the bad HOJ guaranteed would occur with prejudice….

    ‘You Are Sucking Us Dry’: Growers Descend on Supervisors Meeting to Protest Cannabis Fees, Taxes

    Growers and concerned residents filled the Board of Supervisors chambers on Tuesday.

    Local cannabis cultivators showed up in force to today’s Humboldt County Board of Supervisors meeting, and during the public comment period they took turns at the lectern telling their elected representatives that excessive fees and taxes are driving them out of business and upending a Humboldt County way of life.

    Southern Humboldt resident Harold English said he and his wife are the definition of “mom and pop” growers. He moved to the county in 1974, set up his own marijuana farm and raised three kids here. Now he’s making no profit, unable to enter the state marketplace until his operation is fully permitted at the local and state level, and yet he’s being charged more than $10,000 in county taxes and fees, he said.

    “I’ve never been closer to losing everything than right now,” English said. The county’s taxation system, he argued, is forcing people to pay tens of thousands of dollars just to wait in line when they’re not even sure if they’ll be let in the door. Speaking on behalf of fellow “mom and pop” growers English said, “You’re going to push us out [and] change the character of this county.”

    Salmon Creek resident Chip Tittman identified himself as the spokesperson and organizer for the small-scale farmers who attended today’s meeting. He framed their request for tax relief as a matter of justice, opposing corporatization and the pharmaceutical industry. The growers in attendance complained of having to pay taxes and fees to a variety of local and state agencies on top of the money they’ve dished out to consultants, engineers, foresters and attorneys and the cost of remediation work required to bring their properties up to code.

    “I’m on the verge of going broke,” said Nicole Keenan, who noted that she’s being charged $10,000 for not having culverts on her property. “You guys are fricking killing me.” She said families are unable to make their house payments, and she brought up struggling institutions like the Mateel Community Center and its Reggae on the River festival as examples of a community under siege. Keenan said that with the stress she’s under she can’t eat or sleep, she can’t feed her kid and she’s worried about losing her house.

    “You are ruining our community,” Keenan said. Later she went even further, telling the board, “You’re literally killing us.”

    At a couple of points between speakers, Fifth District Supervisor and Board Chair Ryan Sundberg asked the public to refrain from clapping in order to maintain decorum and respect those who might have a dissenting view. At first the crowd complied, but things grew rowdier after regular commenter Kent Sawatksy had his turn at the lectern. He made a vague accusation that several supervisors have a conflict of interest on the matter of weed permits and then specifically called out Sundberg for having relatives in the county’s regulatory system. Sawatksy also told the crowd they’re allowed to clap, and when he called on the public to prevent Sundberg’s reelection they did just that, applauding and cheering.

    In all, 30 people addressed the supervisors on this issue, though there was no related item on today’s agenda, which meant the board couldn’t discuss or take action on the various grievances aired. One of the concerns most frequently voiced regarded the county’s practice of taxing growers for 2017 even though many of them only received their permits with days or weeks remaining in the year, and the state marketplace for adult use marijuana didn’t open until 2018.

    The county Planning and Building Department started issuing a letter last year to people with existing cultivation operations, asking them to sign a compliance agreement in order to receive zoning clearance for their interim permit. Several speakers complained that the language in the letter was misleading, causing them to submit the paperwork before the end of the year, which in turn triggered a tax bill for all of 2017. They argued that this was unfair when other cultivators had their taxes prorated for only a portion of the year.

    “Who crafted this [letter]?” demanded Garberville grower Mark Switzer. “What are you doing? Really? Do you want to work with us or tax us out of existence?”

    Cassidy Goodrich agreed, saying he’s being taxed on the full square footage of cultivation area in his license for 2017 even though he didn’t harvest a crop last year. “I’m getting taxed for something I didn’t do,” he said.

    Others expressed frustration that the county levies taxes based on the size of cultivation area, charging between $1 and $3 per square foot annually, depending on the type of grow. The state, in contrast, bases cultivation taxes on the amount of marijuana produced.

    “Who ever thought of taxing something before it’s grown?” asked Charlotte Silverstein, owner of the Garberville business Garden of Beadin’. She said sales at most businesses in town, including her own, are down by 30-to-60 percent from previous years, and she blamed the county. “It’s dead in Garberville,” Silverstein said. “People don’t have money because you’re sucking them dry.”

    Other growers protested that while they may be licensed for 10,000 square feet of cultivation area, in reality they only use a fraction of that area.

    Salmon Creek farmer Reuben Childs said small growers are giving up on the process entirely, and he complained about the amount of red tape involved in going legit. “I’m now paying for the permission to ask permission to be approved, which I may still not be approved on,” he said, triggering cheers and applause.

    Local attorney Laura Cutler led off the public comment session by arguing that the county violated the law last June when the Board of Supervisors made changes to Measure S, the county’s marijuana taxation initiative approved by voters in 2016. Rather than taxing folks actually engaged in marijuana cultivation, the county decided to tax property owners who hold cultivation permits, regardless of whether they’re actually growing, Cutler said, and she argued that this effectively expanded the measure, which can’t be altered without voter approval.

    Cutler mentioned fellow local attorney Eugene “Ed” Denson, who also has challenged the legality of changes made to Measure S. County Counsel Jeffrey Blanck denied that the county violated the law, telling the Times-Standard‘s Will Houston that he and his fellow county attorneys “don’t think there is any legal violation or basis to set aside the ordinance or its interpretation.”

    Denson himself got up and suggested to the board that the county repeal Measure S, drop its track and trace program and issue an interim permit to everyone who’s already in the permitting process.

    Though the board couldn’t discuss the matter, Second District Supervisor Estelle Fennell thanked everyone who has entered that permitting process, and she said that she and Sundberg, who comprise an ad hoc advisory committee for cannabis matters, will look at the county’s taxation methods and come back to the full board with recommendations in a few weeks.

    She also noted that at a meeting Thursday night the Humboldt County Planning Commission will consider amendments to the county’s Commercial Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance, and she encouraged people to attend. “Participating is important,” Fennell said.

    Responses: Supe Sundberg is against public clapping that supports a pisition because he feels butt hurt that others with another point of view would be butt hurt……Sundberg would cry at a sporting match……..as far as decorum, there is no board policy on decorum associated with clapping that does not hinder others from participation…….in fact, Supe Iceberg voted for the policy but now has butt hurt feelings that he has to listen to voters complain and support each other…..

    You should understand HOJ has emailed the Supes on this dope scene exposing its flaws and the fact that the process is a set up for a fall and they know it…….Supe Sundberg then got all pissy and wanted HOJ to stop emailing him…..HOJ laughed at such a pathetic person……

    • This is capitalism 1A folks. The big money chases out small business until there is no competition and then puts the screws to the consumers. They use government to do it so we can’t see their faces. Get a job and grow your own.

      • Oops, forgot, plus a co-op until decriminalzation…….. People who can’t grow should not be punished for merely attaining access to personal marijuana….. And a personal grow user should not be punished for selling a little bit of their stash…….. Think about how many personal items people resale to another person and don’t get punished…. And what’s wrong with recouping a little bit of money that it cost you for your personal grow, it’s just reimbursed expenses and not profit…..

      • all this top down thinking amount to fascism. Any time you talk about what “We” should do, you advocate fascism, you just prefer a fascism where you make the decisions. I don’t think we need fascists at all.

    • Awww, poor drug dealers are going out of business, and the County is billing them for a tiny portion of the tax dollars that have been used to support artificially high marijuana prices for the last five decades. If you want to listen to those myopic little greed bags whine, go ahead and run for Supervisor.

      • HOJ enjoys discussion, and wants to listen…..to every whine in the book and the stuff ya just can’t make up……and if HOJ had time to comment or was asked to comment, then the truth comes out….not hard at all…… plus, HOJ is not gonna bullshit ya……HOJ would be nationally recognized as supe, ain’t no question on that……HOJ is a messiah for effective politics and good people, not liars and cons…..

        People would be sooooooooooo happy.


    HIGHER AND HIGHER COSTS…….like having to pay for asking permssion to get permission…..$$$$$$$$

    The 2 Party System is destroying California, but don’t tell the politicians, they’ll only laugh..

    • I don’t understand why anyone supports a system of private property, or consents to be governed. Mostly, I think it’s because drug dealers think they can game the system, and everyone else is too cowardly to resist. That’s how prohibition divides us and makes us easier to conquer.

      • Private Property = Leave Me The Fuck Alone

        The Problem: codification designed as a “get into your bedroom scheme in exchange for hush money”……but people don’t hush and yet the practice becomes normalized because more people, more problems, more fear, more desire to “Leave Me The Fuck Alone”…..

        Who wants to live in cubicles or told how to live in a group setting…… don’t want to be in a group setting…….leave me the fuck alone……..DHHS, get it…….if you’re an anti this or anti that, the gubbamint wants to sick DHHS on ya…….no fuggin joke either……just think about how many people for generations are taught, trained to deflect resistance (dissenting an opposing viewpoints) into demands for support services under the guise of DHHS programs……epic…..all orchestrated by lying ass gubbamint douche bags……

      • Private property means I paid soldiers and cops to do my violence for me. If you don’t pay those taxes, you have no private property. Those “gubbament douchebags” work for landowner douchebags.

  4. HOJ calls bullshit on this comment:

    [Local cannabis cultivators showed up in force to today’s Humboldt County Board of Supervisors meeting, and during the public comment period they took turns at the lectern telling their elected representatives that excessive fees and taxes are driving them out of business and upending a Humboldt County way of life.]

    Response: it was never a way of life through policy sillies……it was live free in the black market with hopes of decriminalization……. legalization was a footnote by gubbamint supporters who wanted taxation all along……like the devil in diguise…..

  5. Any person complaining about something they voted for should be shamed……and taxed up the ass sillies……

      • Commercial dope retail related recreational mj, not personal nor medical…….HOJ believes in decriminalization, not codification…… those who enable and want codification and then complain deserve to be taxed up the ying yang……it is like a good feeling bowel movement that goes bad…..

        Plus, HOJ’s stance aligns perfectly with this statement,

        “Better yet, refuse to be governed. don’t let anyone lie to you and tell you they will be your representative. Represent yourself, and deny the authority of anyone who claims to represent you. That’s the only way out of a rigged system.”

  6. Any person who helped to elect any official that later hurts them……oh well, you got duped suckers……you were told the better choice and got duped….. don’t let opportunity kick you upside the head again…… don’t vote anymore, petition for new elections with additional candidates nor being constrained to a rigged electoral system………..

    • Better yet, refuse to be governed. don’t let anyone lie to you and tell you they will be your representative. Represent yourself, and deny the authority of anyone who claims to represent you. That’s the only way out of a rigged system.

      • Agreed, don’t use the system, don’t depend on the system, don’t support the system, but do engage the system…..all as much as possible……

        HOJ cares for all who are good, so it is human decency to engage for each other……like CSN…

        They are one person
        They are two alone
        They are three together
        They are for each other

        BTW, just viewed Leatherman and pan handlng suit interview…..nice😎…….. capriciously ticket the poor that can’t, won’t pay……issue a bench warrant…….ya, genius efficiency by gubbamint, way to solve….create more problems that money can’t even buy……

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