6 comments on “The “Polarization” of American Politics

  1. First, I don’t think it makes sense to call it “polarization,” because “polar” implies a pair of equal but opposite extremes.

    Response: Exactly….fug the 2 Party types…..

    Second, the parties and candidates manufacture their so called “ideals” out of pure hypocrisy and gall, specifically to attract campaign contributions, but also to encourage self-motivated zealots to volunteer for their campaign.

    Response: Fuggin “A”, 2 for 2……

    The more the professionals and the investment class press their game, the more ridiculous the story they have to tell us, to justify the extortion.

    Response: Yup, its why local judges are leaving like…..fast. Cocksuck attorneys unfortunately fester like dinosaur shit……a death squad ought to be formed…..

    Americans have become radicalized, not by fundamentalism or religion, but by the non-stop assault on their credulity, and a political system that designed to pull the rug out from under them.

    Response: it’s a wonder why illegal immigrants want to stay here and it’s more a wonder why immigrants continue to want to come here….. But then again immigrants don’t know shit about America but they’ll figure it out later…..

    • Our government still abuses people in other countries worse than it does people here. That’s why immigrants want to come here, to escape the consequences of US foreign policy.

      • Agree and disagree……

        Agree that overall on a macro level, Americans got it better…women too, but because America set high standards as a country is no excuse too then attack your own……and on the micro, plenty of issues of abuse by gubbamint against US individuals, or other heinous crimes that occur and gubbamint drops the ball somehow, someway…..

        Disagree because if the US is so evil (is and isn’t) and is attacking cultures and countries, then why would it’s global victims then decide to shack up with the attacker……as opposed to leaving because its truly a shithole country….with shithole governing…..and religion as a catalyst to the constant grass roots clashes….

        Grass Roots – the root of all wrongs…….

        But will submit that some % leave because their shithole country is always warring with itself and people who want families migrate to safer havens….

      • It’s not about choice, it’s about coercion. You can call it a choice, but people mostly do what they have to do to survive, or at least what they think they have to do to survive.

  2. HOJ proposes It’s a combination of both and more……

    Consider how you have immigration concerns with people coming from other countries to America for whatever reason good or bad that’s not the point the point is is that then consider how much effort the United States on a foreign policy level puts into military actions in those countries to offset the regimes that are creating warring factions within its own region that drives people out to America…… And yes of course the military industrial complex using whatever it can is an excuse to justify selling Armament and engaging government with sales of armament that help really only do one thing and that’s promote using that armament…..

    So yes that would be coercion and choice and more….

    • When you think about what US foreign policy does, how can you justify the continuation of the US at all? Privilege is a product of oppression. Ending oppression means ending privilege.

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