12 comments on “Facts Don’t Make Bad Writing Good

  1. Fact- facts are truth prior to the sentences of explanations

    Fact- facts are whatever a person attempts to deny that is truth

    Fact- many people say the word, but lie about its actual implementation……

    Fact- never believe a fact that you have not researched, or else it is hearsay that you were too lazy to indentify as truth or not……

    Facts- are not the easily made up opinions or misrepresentations…..

    Facts can be elusive to boot.

      • It ain’t the words so much as the misapplication thereof…..by very definition it seems, facts are “the actual” and truth is “according to the set of facts”…

        How about putting words into truth turns the truth toward and into a lie……cops do it all the time…..put words into the truth……no longer the truth as represented by gubbamint employee # OU812……

  2. The phrase…”as a matter of fact”……

    When ya hear it, its wise to turn on the bullshit meter……not that everyone lies who says the phrase, but typically, if ya know your shit, you never lead with the phrase cuz your explaining away already……however, you do follow up with the phrase when calling bullshit that someone else just spewed………….

  3. Pete Townsend – a child porn advocate who ironically chimes in on facts and truth…….probably conflicted now since he got busted with his kiddie porn…..

  4. Yes! For instance, media base the perception that the economy is “good” based on how well Wall St. is doing and things like “housing starts” and “new car sales”, all of which work against the real “good” as perceived by most living things. I read two days ago that the economy of California is “roaring” as in thriving. Really?

    • Exactly, like Supes vacillating on leadership, opportunities and jobs relative to unemployment data for the county of Humbdolt…..

      It goes like this:

      1) Supe Sundberg campaigns on jobs, jobs, jobs…..ya know, because he claimed there were not very many at all…..

      2) 8 years later, no improvement than can be measured tangibly…..

      3) Supe Sundberg, with no answers for why jobs are not abundant, says jobs always existed if you can pass a drug test and don’t use drugs….funny, never mentioned this years ago when claiming jobs were gone……

      4) Supe Sundberg bandwagoned the pot permit policy because he said county needs jobs….

      5) Sundberg wants drug jobs, but tells folks to get off drugs, pass a test in order to get a real job…..

      The guy is all over the night sky……pathetic politician….

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