5 comments on “A New Brand of Stupid, and a New Way to be Wrong

  1. Objective = by observation

    Flaws: humans who lie

    Anything using objectivity = the ability to lie

    How to make lies more popular = to hire liars

    Employees = with certificates, degrees, etc…

    After all if you’re going to create a lie to try to make it pass muster over the people, THEN what better types of people to hire then those who would hold Allegiance to government because they use the “upstanding” position to make the faux faced appearance that they’re there to help or that they’re wise and knowledgeable and educated and best qualified to make the decisions or to even comment upon something……really the worst kind of person in local communities…….the bad cops, bad teachers, bad fire fighters, bad politicians, bad religious leaders, etc….. who retire who used their position to abuse……

    Objectivity = it’s what thy eyes tell thee and only thee……

    Science = Trust, without trust, objectivity is invalidated

  2. Lies – its why small, limited government is desired…….a bigger government allows more liars to to stick their deformed ways and means up our slave
    @$$€$……..when does gubbamint not abuse someone at sometime at some place over some idiotic bullshit that makes ya wanna kick some ass???

    Breeding anger is the gubbamint way…….

  3. Public education: why do you think insurance companies enjoy a de- educated General Public that is quickly losing critical thinking skills well being encouraged to act out irresponsibly in life……?

    Answer: create a system of profit on a group of dumb people by endorsing a political structure and Enterprise to make people Dumber because dumb people cause abuses and damage stuff that funnels profits to the industry manipulators……..

    America’s whole society is a hoax……

    • True enough. I think the problem is that people had to be made so dumb that they no longer function. They can’t take care of themselves, let alone participate in a meaningful way in social and political life because capitalism demands that consumers have to be made that stupid in order to prevent them from realizing how oppressed they are, and from figuring out how to overthrow it.

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