4 comments on “The True Meaning of Christmas

  1. Fuggin funny……

    ……….”The global climate crisis is the biggest challenge we face as a species; it deserves our biggest holiday, especially since those Sciencism dorks took over Earth Day. Fuck them and their March for Science. The people who gave us nuclear proliferation and put 250 different persistent man-made toxins in every mother’s breast milk came out and walked all over Earth Day to tell us that scientists agree that global warming is a real phenomena, and by the way, go vaccinate your kids, eat your GMOs and have faith in Elon Musk’s space program. May the force be with you. Nanu Nanu.”……….

    ………will say that over-population is more a threat because if global warming and cooling has been compromised by human activity………then make like an ape and ski daddle……..the cure is death, the catalyst is life……..so awkward and anti logical……like an intentional set up for self punishment…….

    Oh, gotta save santa too because he got less chimneys to slide down when people don’t have a home to live in……..HOJ will be thankful and humble and wish well those who deserve more in life but have less……..HOJ hopes that bad people of all types suffer horribly…….

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