30 comments on “McGuire Brings Us the “Taco Bell” of Treatment Centers

  1. The crisis was manifested by politicians and doctors…… problems created…..

    Now, spend 4.8 million tax dollars to build government services larger through 3rd Party agreements for profit……..not resolve……a racket.

    Humboldt County is already the bastille of scumbagginesses, why import more scumbags?

    Anyone else notice how the quality of life in Humboldt County deteriorates every time services are expanded? It is a political pattern.

    Just an observation…..

    Maybe additional funds are secured to offset the other impact costs from any such facility located in Humboldt County…… roads…..to landscape…..to crime…..etc….

    Does the community get to vote on whether to accept or deny an opioid facility located in Humboldt County? Ballot Box inclusivity only? Bigbox political style???

    How does the community get a say on “BIG BOX” services?

    BIG BOX Services are seperate from elections, never align in process if such process even exists…….it can only be likened to a big box ordinance that leaves little room for good versus bad because it is all bad, even when it is not……some services good, some bad…… opioid bad……anything drugs bad……..prenatal good, family services good…….



    • Underpaid health care professionals are “scumbags”? Services for drug addicts are bad, but services for families are good? What about families with drug problems? I don’t buy it HOJ.

      • Point 1: imported healthcare is importing scumbags, thank you for clarifying you believe it means professional healthcare workers not high on dope.

        Point 2: Drug addicts don’t deserve free handouts, and most tend to be engaging in other crimes, are douches, lazy ass shits, etc….cry a river 😥😥😥😥…….steaming feelings hurt…..😤…..ok, fair enough

        Point 3: Yes, families not on drugs need help…..and all families regardless need protection from false gubbamint claims…….

        Point 4: Families with drug problems…….case by case, not all dope users tell facts, truth…….and plenty are douche scumbags that would create other civil disorders…….

        Anyhow, more elaboration upon further discussion, Thanks😎

      • FWIW,

        Putting words into another person’s comment (ie misrepresenting direct statements) is:

        Honkey Dory and FUBAR too…….worse than scumbagginesses, parallels a lie.

      • Addicted to drugs versus using drugs……there is a difference…… And it should not matter regardless if the drug user or the addicted to drugs person isn’t a douchebag scumbag causing problems in the community but whom just keeps to theirself…….. In that instance do all the drugs you want if you’re not bothering anyone else….

  2. Big companies know how to drive traffic to their website(s) and especially how to clog up google so if you want to look at reviews, you can scroll through pages and pages of positive reviews and find nothing.
    That doesn’t tell me that no one had any complaints, just that a company is gaming the searches.
    Sure proves true for Aegis.
    I did find this after about 10 pages (aside from the poor ratings from employees)

    I would also ask Sen. McGuire to confirm he has not, nor will he accept any campaign donations from Aegis LLC or any of their affiliates.

    I read an older article about an Aegis location that was to open in Redding but parents were concerned because it was in close proximity to three schools.

    And one more niggling little detail: How much is it going to cost HumCo to administer the program (since it will be Medi-Cal funded, that goes thru the County….)?

    P.S. Can Aegis provide documentation as to their success rate? Seems to me the whole thing about drug abuse is often a ‘fuck-the-establishment’ attitude so that someplace like Aegis is the least likely place to attract or help those most in need.

    • Lots of people oppose drug treatment centers for NIMBY reasons. We already spend a lot of money on addicts who need help, but we pay cops, who do nothing to help except give people criminal records. Lot’s of people are happy to spend money to punish addicts, but will oppose any attempt to help them.
      Addicts who want help, will take it wherever they can get it. Lots of people don’t want help though, and we have to respect that too. Unless of course you think you deserve to go to prison for that glass of wine you drank with your Thanksgiving Dinner. Drug treatment is something we should do here, with love, for our neighbors and our community.

      • Drug treatment NIMBY….

        HOJ calls bullshit……. Taxpayers don’t like dope heads getting freebies for their own fucking bullshit……

        It’s not the communities fault that politicians and doctor play fucking God and Satan and then morph into Mighty Mouse to come save the day of an opioid crisis that they created above and beyond the minimal opioid use that had been occurring prior to the pharmaceutical corporations getting their hands on opioids and lobbying Capitol Hill…….

        The NIMBY argument is so old and outdated for certain services……. Of course putting a homeless facility in a residential neighborhood is a NIMBY valid response…..

      • Talk about Bullshit! This kind of talk shows off the stupid side of Humboldt, and that’s what draws the douche bags to our county. Shhh! We have too many already.

      • Agreed on false claims by gubbamint employees, but that is just another crime of opportunity and racketeering that has been “institutionalized”……..filing false police reports as the employed acting agency representative…..

        Two party system Voters have their heads up their proverbial asses on the societal hoaxes……..oh well, if they complain later after all shit hits the fan, they might get bumped by a victim they enabled……..

      • Can’t help those who will not, who refuse to help themselves……which shows that importing scumbags only adds to the localized collection of scumbags who will never seek help…….

        A person can feel bad for others plight……up until that plight was all self inflicted…….. notably, some addicts became addicts because of trauma not caused by themselves, but even then, really……..feelings are butt hurt, so turn to being an addict…….maybe discussing all the facets of the drug society for once could better resolve some issues…….then again not in this country now, it is FUBAR!

      • Johnboy gettin’ chippy…… validation HOJ is not wrong in his way of thinking…….fwiw……btw…….copy and paste works well, so it would be helpful for others not us………but hey, HOJ got ya down to a single sentence…….that is amazing isn’t it…….got Johnboy at a loss for nice words………devolved to personal attacks…….butt hurt feelings……

    • Administration costs…….how about on the ground costs ancillary to all operations that which include the full daily lifestyle impacts onto society/communities caused by the very lifestyle of dopehead douches?

      Anyone with a clear head can see that Humboldt has only deteriorated since the 1970’s…. Denial is foolish……the quality of life is wayyyyyyy worse!

      • The whole country has deteriorated since the 70s. Drugs didn’t do that, the War on Drugs did that, along with Reaganomics, and a propaganda war that made it cool to be stupid and mean spirited. That’s why we have so many stupid, mean spirited people in Humboldt County. We consume wayyyyyy too much stupid media.

      • Johnboy posts a thread pushing consumers to spend less time on media, etc……as part of the problem in Humboldt as to why stupid people exist here…….then, he pushes his own media, videos, songs onto people asking consumers to SPEND MORE TIME ON MEDIA…… Funny guy he is

      • I don’t ask people to spend more time online, but I know that the online environment is full of people like you. Lost souls who don’t know what to do with their lives. I write and make music for just such people, because I care. I’m glad to know that you appreciate the effort.

      • The whole country has not deteriorated since the 1970’s………but many Humboldtians never get out much to really know that other regions are doing great because their leadership is that good….. John, come down drom the mountain as atypical as possible to Truman before Saint Helena blew…….the facts are out there, fyi…..


      • Globally, we’ve lost half of the planet’s biodiversity since 1970, according to the WWF Living Planet Report of 2014. There’s no leadership anywhere in the country that’s addressing that crisis effectively, so yes, the country is deteriorating, and it has deteriorated significantly since 1970.

  3. “Aegis pays low wages, overworks it’s staff, and has a very high turnover rate.”

    Response: Reads like libertarianism is alive and well……. At least after the employees figure out their net worth ain’t Jack shit for Corporation……… Already enabling a scam of the healthcare sector…….. The ones that stay employed for low wages are you they’re desperate for a job and can’t qualify for anything better, or are slaves to the grind……. Really who works for low wages and being treated like shit in the name of doing God’s work of peace, healing and good for Humanity……..crock of shit stew…….so many people in it for themselves, in it for the job first……..humanity is another social hoax played out by evil turds hellbent on a druid society……

      • Tried a job once at a care home locally…..graveyard shift…….minimum wage………was required to bathe a grown senior’s vagina, and anal orafice, and breasts, etc…. Full body massage cleaning…….bed sores to boot……

        God damn fucking quit, whistleblew the shit……

        That is healthcare Johnboy when familia kicks ya to the curb…..so, staying out in the woods to die is probably more peaceful, imho……

  4. SO BRILLIANT JOHN, Thank you! Just for the record When the HRC requested community ideas for solutions to the issues folks face on the streets I think back in February 2017, I presented this very concept (except NOT FOR PROFIT) to the HRC- “The Shanti Sanctuary” a women’s own and run sort of whole spirit rehabilitation center (first women, then children and men etc) that was the furthest from traditional pharma-peddling treatment centers, but rather an empowering permaculture paradise that addressed the root causes of addiction and helped women find a safe place to heal from trauma by doing yoga, meditation, handcrafting, cultivating and creating their own medicines for healing (including but certainly not limited to cannabis), selling at farmers markets etc. for realizing financial freedom/avoiding abusive relationships, in addition to using alternative medicines- not pharmaceuticals. I explained I had support and experience with some of the well known and only holistic rehab owners in So Cal- Richard Tate and Weed For Warriors President Sean and Ayurveda team who were behind the cause and eager to help. Of course the Human Right’s Commission scoffed.

    If you know someone with land who cares about authentic healing, let me know as I have loads of experience and would love to help to make it happen,e specially before someone does it for a profit. From my experiences with rehabilitation, the massive profits in recovery is in direct contradiction and hypocritical to authentic sobriety, for economic inequality is one of the primary root causes of addiction.

    Epic article truly, thanks again for connecting the dots for the mislead masses!

    • Thanks Shakti! I will keep my eyes and ears open. This sounds like exactly what we need here. btw, your show this past Tuesday with the Weed for Warriors project was Awesome! Great work!

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