4 comments on “Turn Around the SoHum Slide

  1. John, thanks for the article. I have notice that Willits is on its dying legs. I’m guessing that the money is just not like it used to be in growing (and will never get back to the late 90s prices) My brother lives on a road that had a community feel at one time, but now the new growers are only there for the season and won’t even wave to you as you fill pot holes of the road that they tear up. It will not end well.

  2. Disagree on bypass……Willits, personally, has ALWAYS BEEN A SHITTY, DIRTY TOWN over a half century with poor infrastructure layout, a train track crossing used to cross main street 101, etc…. BUT it was THEIR SHITTY, DIRTY TOWN for which outsiders did not want to drive through…….so Thank You Cal Trans on a project that never met the hype of enviros…….just racket monies by enviros…….if locals were so against the bypass, then maybe cleaning up their town could have occured…….nope, people just lazy…..

    What hurts these communities lately is small mom and pop/individual grows getting culled out by legalization policies……..its an endorsement to go bigger to please bigger money interests looking for freebies and positioning to make riches playing of the antithesis of blackmarket reality where the riches (money and more) were spread about more equitably amongst communities, particularly the smaller rural communities……..businesses opened due to more customers spending……..county building/planning through CDD had more non-pot policy permits for residential and commercial applications…….

    Enter legalization policies (as opposed to decriminalization) and now imports to community wanna grow…… local next generation growers only see💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰………market is oversupplied and taxed out, fees absorbed that lowers profit to grower…….ppp decreases…….money dries up to ever increasing rents, food costs, heating, fuel, health, insurance, registration, tickets, maintenance items, holiday shopping, etc……..price gouging goes higher, peoples wages go lower or stay similar………fires help to reduce supply, but hurts the individual grower while others prosper……..then, the whole foods, topical marketing skews sales profits from just pot for smoking toward inclusion of products not heing sold in par value to an 1/8th of weed for smoke……..sure, people home cooked pot brownies, loaded jello, etc…..but not nary the marketing for sale like now……

    Pot Policy was the worst community decision ever for the pot plant…….PL destroyed the communities the way pot policy has……. but Scotia and RD never got shitty dirty like Willits, Garberville……

    The worst part of the whole bypass of Willits was the lives lost during construction……

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