17 comments on “The Problem with Private Property

  1. So…. your solution is to hand over all private property to our government overlords and hope their benificence trickles down to us?

    That experiment was tried last century. 100-300 million were killed in that atrocity.

    Without private property there is no hope of freedom. If you want to uselessly bitch at how the system is constructed against the People, bitch about the fractional reserve banking system and usary on money that doesn’t exist.

    • Not at all. I don’t approve of government any more than I approve of private property. I don’t see any point in bitching about minor changes to the system. We need radical change, and before we can have radical change, we need to annihilate all of the bad programming in our minds. I’ve never advocated communism, in fact I condemned quite roundly here. https://lygsbtd.wordpress.com/2011/08/23/on-the-money-why-cant-we-all-just-get-along/ At least as many people were killed in our little experiment as well. Any time you consent to be governed, you make state sponsored violence possible. Never consent to be governed.

      • What’s your , so-called, radical change then?

        BTW the fractional reserve banking system is THE underpinnings of the very system you abhor.

      • The radical change is to refuse to be governed. It’s about changing your attitude and your behavior to reflect the truth of our time, which is that civilization has failed. Everything you were ever taught in school is wrong. If you want to know what is right, you have to figure it out for yourself.

  2. “The radical change is to refuse to be governed. It’s about changing your attitude and your behavior to reflect the truth of our time, which is that civilization has failed. Everything you were ever taught in school is wrong. If you want to know what is right, you have to figure it out for yourself.”

    There is nothing radical about your idea. There was a revolution 240 years ago to implement such an idea. The idea, then, was radical. Every white man (at the time) is a sovereign unto themselves. Along as you don’t violate the sovereignty of another person you go on your merry way and do your thing. If you do violate someone else’s sovereignty the system is in place to resolve problems: contract violations, property theft, peronal injury and death.

    In many of your rants you abdicate your personal power and plead for the government to do this or that. If you really want to help your fellow man and you don’t want government services then people like you need to step up and help. Otherwise your rants are just hypocrisy.

  3. Thanks John. I needed to hear that! SO brilliant! I don’t know how this guy gathered that was your solution from your piece. Hand it over to indigenous maybe but the gov, come on! Love this line “If Global Warming is an “Inconvenient Truth.” Private property is the convenient lie that made it possible and necessary.” ha ha ha!!!

  4. As is the situation……….,




    Radical Change = Depopulation…… until then, troubles!

  5. John,

    Ya read Estelle’s dig on the Humboldt Pot Economy, The parted series?

    You’d love it……..paragraph after paragraph of opposite truths regarding property rights…..

    The highlite: jobs, jobs, jobs……….in one hand, admit THE HUGE BLACK MARKET……..in the other hand, create a faux process to legalize the Black Market for fees and charges and inspections…….then claim overall that the supes created a shitload of jobs……….

    Now, it is funny shit reading insiders being interviewed… ..

    Guarantee ya change the 🌹 Rosey colored insiders to regular folk not connected to insiders…….and now it’s a debate of lying and liars in office……..

    In fact, the interviewers are so chicken shit scared of losing power with insiders that they refrain from real news and give us insider interviews

    Interviewing critics of the interviewees is a start……

    Until then, steaming pools of BULL 💩.

  6. Natives, before whites, owned the land too….private property……but not on the settler books…..

    Indian Wars and imperialism…..the weakest links were broken……natives throughout the world are no different in time…..except skin color……

    If all losers in wars were giving back their former possessions under protest/death, then those former possessions gained by past winning wars becomes collateral damage when finally losing a future war…….sometimes between the same foes over and over again……

    Can’t imagine all the different Indian tribes in North America who stole, raped and pillaged from each other are going to start giving things back to each other after this Indian white man imperialism discussion ceases?

    Personally, the only fix is a reset button that dumps the hard drive and fries all memory cards…..zap lightening bolt ⚡

  7. I’m glad to see you’re aware of Negativland. Crosley Bendix is regularly on a KPFA show called Over the Edge, which is a Negativland/Subgenius show. I disagree with one thing you wrote. The moral rights of an artist who creates a work of art are entirely different than the rights of a land “owner” over the land they legally “own”. I hate to see composers get screwed out of royalties although I support the sound collages including samples created by people including Over the Edge, which usually does a live mix. Not quite as sympathetic to landlords.

    Property is theft but not when you create it yourself.

    Eat the rich!

    • I hear you Lizardly. I love Negativland, and I think Crosley Bendix put it pretty well. I hate to see artists get ripped off too, but it’s the system of private property that rips us all off. Artists do not benefit from this system. Instead, it allows capitalists to shape our culture by picking winners and losers among artists. We should value artists, and our culture enough to reject private property completely.

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