37 comments on “Kym Kemp’s Misplaced Hatred

  1. She probably hates what you do because your rants are useless, your images worse than useless, and you’re using her hard work to further your uselessness?

    Oh, and she’s not the only one who wants you to remove images from your blog. I think most everyone who ever sees your blog wants them removed. Every one of them.

    Of course, the usual solution is simply to not read your blog, and what’s the solution I usually take. I only clicked this one because I wanted a laugh about how anyone could complain about Kym Kemp’s work.

  2. So, you are oblivious to link of original content in Picture search on Google, think you are an artist because you discovered memes and write a long and winded article about it… God forbid your internet masturbation.

  3. Go BushyTails: John, you’re being a grumpy jerk and you’re wrong. You need to give credit for all images used. And Not Use Images if You Don’t have Permission.

    Just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it’s free.

    Just because it goes against your personal freedom doesn’t make you right.

    And btw, I don’t usually read your shit because it’s… SHIT just like this rant against someone who does and has done a lot for this community and takes a lot of ill-conceived, and poorly stated dimfuckery for it from various – usually penis enabled – idiots like yourself

  4. Fuck Kym Kemp and her dope-promotin’ self stroking bullshit. I read the haps over there but I sure as shit don’t gush all over her and tell her how wonderful she is like others do…we need you to counterbalance the rosy picture she paints of ‘community’ and ‘farm life’. Keep keeping it real, John!

    • Wow, HOJ would just keep it at hipocrit, character defamer, libelust, liar, slanderer, public pentioner school teacher married to a public pentioner Cal Trans trooper…… to be nice…… Oh and that there’s word out there that the only hit and run driver in Humboldt County that Kym Kemp has not posted on her blog apparently was a family member of hers with the same last name, go figure maybe her son…..but she has yet to come out to confirm the allegation.

  5. For god’s sake, John, try not to overdramatize yourself. I specifically said I admire your writing and like you but I hate the way you take photos without getting permission to use them or attributing them.

    After you responded to my request that you take the photo down by blaming me by saying that I should watermark it. I wrote you:

    “I feel strongly that photographers are a vastly underpaid underclass for the most part. And taking and posting their images without their permission or credit is stealing from folks who are mostly barely making it financially. Most supplement with other work because they don’t get paid enough for doing their art/journalism. Your lack of respect for photographers is why I don’t generally share links to your otherwise very thoughtful writing.

    I don’t watermark my photos because a) it takes effort I don’t have b) then I can’t sell them generally. In this case, the photo was used in the news media (MerryJane) and generally, they don’t post watermarked images.

    You will continue to do what you think is right but freeloading on other’s work is, in my opinion, beneath an intelligent and otherwise concerned about fairness person.”

    Take a deep breath, John. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that someone who criticizes others so freely by name would take such a public exception to such private and relatively minor rebuke of you using my images without permission or credit, but I am. I’ve always admired your courage and your willingness to stick up for folks who are badly treated–apparently though my feeling that you were the kind of person able to hear criticism and either accept it or rebut it thoughtfully directly to the person you were in conflict with was mistaken.

  6. what happened? not on LOCO today? i print you off weekly and read at my leisure, and the search box is not there anymore either, hmm…
    that was over-the-top criticism of Kym but it shows you have no sacred cows, well, i do think i will come down to kmud soon and try to see what financials i can see, a bit concerned about local nonprofits and just heard (via Julia M) that kmud costs half a mill to be on the air yearly, that will probably have to change, si?

    • Kym does plenty over the top stuff….. It’s why she left Loco to come back to her own blog because she needed to shield herself from Loco so that she didn’t look like loco because she is no different than Loco…..

      Has Kym Kemp ever done a multi-page slam job on you and printed it for tens of thousands of people to read?

  7. I respect Kym and I understand her point. But I don’t agree. My view: the internet is a public space. Everything anyone puts in that space is accessible to be copied and misused. Right or wrong doesn’t really matter. It’s easy to copy images so it’s going to happen. So either people put their images in a public space knowing they can be ripped off, or they don’t want that to happen so they don’t publish them on the internet. Get smart people! I don’t put my family photos of Facebook. I don’t want those personal items to be misused. Is it unlikely? Yes. But it’s possible, so I protect myself. I have a personal blog where I sometimes post photos of my family, which I always watermark. Everything else I post without a watermark, I am completely okay with someone copying, reusing, whatever.
    It would be like if I left a bunch of my belongings in a busy public plaza, with my name on it, but otherwise unsecured. And then I came back and all my stuff was still there, but someone had used a ray gun to make copies of my stuff so they could use it. And then I got mad at them because it’s “mine”, well maybe, but I shouldn’t have left it laying around… It’s my own fault.

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