4 comments on “Please Don’t Scare the Trimmigrants

  1. OMG…I love the author! I have been fortunate to meet a few trim migrants through the years and I thoroughly enjoyed their sense of adventure, work ethic, and willingness to trust. Thank you for understanding they needed your help and assisting them with moving on. I love your compassion and sensibility.
    I also met a few trimmigants that had issues that made me cautious. Like the rest of us – there are people in life who are trustworthy and easy to be around and others who you would rather avoid. Trimmigants are not good or bad people – they are migrant workers who are critical to our local labor market and economy. Thank you for seeing their humanity.

  2. I don’t engage trimmigrants and, from what I have seen, I’m sure that they are like the rest of the human race, that is, a mixed bag. I don’t have any work for them and I have not been a merchant for 20 years now. When I first arrived here a thousand years ago, I gradually got to know some folks and eventually landed some work helping small time growers with their harvest and I made a few bucks under pleasant if arduous working conditions. It was never dangerous although there was some risk involved in that those were the days of CAMP and it was of course rather impossible not to reek, as we would say, on the way back home. There were some stories of bizarre behavior but they were all humorous for the most part as in the case of a grower who was stoned enough to forget where he had buried his cash or weed. Law enforcement spread tales to the media of violent, lawless thugs in the woods and they were not in the weird position that they are now because in their minds all growers were evil and it was much easier for them to bust mom and pop hippies than the real bad guys dealing hard drugs. Nowadays I think it is wrong to encourage anyone, but especially foreign travelers, to trust the average new breed growers who live by the three Gets: get high, get truck, get laid, and have to use machines to count their money. Over time, the bullshit stories that law enforcement used to propagandize about have become all too real. My advice to trimmigrants is to go back home and stay away from the amoral, feral humans who are taking over this land.

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