12 comments on “Community, What a Concept!

  1. Let me also remind you, back in 2015, Calfresh paid the Mateel $11,750 for a new dishwasher and installation for the Mateel Meal program. And Calfresh also paid overhead, personnel and operating cost of the Mateel Meal for years. How is the Mateel Meal a burden on the Mateel? Why did they stop the Calfresh program outreach program? Maybe because the current contract for 2017/2018 FY required a mandatory “Drug Free Workplace & Employee Agreement” and “Drug Free Policy Agreement”?

  2. The Mateel Community Center was appealing to me in its infancy because I thought it would be just that, and that was needed. There were many fine, community minded people at the time who had also admirably instituted a credit union and a health center and the spirit of community was genuinely there. It has been a good venue for plays, a smattering of youth sports, and things like the meals. After the fire, the slow evolution to what we have today began with raising money to have a boogie to raise money to have a boogie to raise money to build the building. The whole party our way out of problems culture was born. I never have quite grasped the appeal of Reggae on the River but what you wrote about selling weed makes it make a little more sense. Never would have gone even if I had a free ticket and a pocket full of spending money but I know I am in a distinct minority there. Once the local powers that be recognized that there were big heaps of money to be made it became part of the establishment and the corruption gates were open. My problem is that I think a festival should celebrate something and what has there been to celebrate? Getting high in public? BFD. Defeat of prohibition of weed and the attention of law enforcement turning to real crime? That didn’t happen. Maybe it was the importation of a culture people liked so that we, without a culture of our own, didn’t have to fly to Jamaica? Lame, but maybe. Maybe people actually had fun there, but it’s hard to imagine how. As for Summer Arts, again, a once good idea gone bad. Big crowds, bring lots of money or fuck off. So, the surprise to me is that it has lasted this long. I am grateful for many things made available, particularly the San Francisco Mime Troupe visits.

    • You’re right Jerry. We are not going to party our way out of this mess, and importing a culture does not excuse us from building our own, and you can’t build a functional culture out of greed and drug abuse.

    • Reggae on the River was so much fun when I was 16, 17 yo… the culture was great back then, true lovers of reggae, hippies, soul scape explorers. I had a great time on weed and mushroom, natural highs. That was 20 (gasp!) years ago. I could sense that the party culture there shifted towards booze and chemical highs and I haven’t been back since. It’s sad, but change is inevitable. It’s unlikely there is any way to turn back the clock.

      As for the Mateel, I hope there’s a way to revamp it. I’m in NoHum now, but I still have great fondness for the Mateel.

  3. As a community center, the Mateel has always been exceptional. I don’t know of any other community center that could pull off an undertaking like Reggae on the River, or even Summer Arts and Music Festival, in it’s present incarnation. ~ JH

    Response: Always been exceptional is hard to fathom………pulling shit off was easy…..the county planning department, planning commission, many other bullshiters and manipulators colluded to issue the permit fully aware of the financial ponsai scheme, debtors, mateel board squabbles, etc….thus enabling more dysfunction…….to limit the mateel to only itself in matters of failures would be a cover up of the “processes”….and the inner local network of uppidy scumbags in local politics

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