14 comments on “The Battle for Sidewalk Neutrality in Garberville

  1. However, the last two Friday evenings in a row I attended peaceful protest demonstrations at the corner of Redwood Drive and Church St in Garberville. These were well organized and disciplined actions, and the protester’s right to use the sidewalk was reaffirmed by law enforcement, and challenged by none. -JH


    1) john affirms cops don’t do shit to enforce laws

    2) john is incorrect to presume his actions were peaceful just because no one ( heresay) challenged some protest………

    3) In fact, without any video showing the protest, it is hard to evaluate if, in fact, obstructionists existed……as long as a protester is moving along, even back and forth, and not obstructing others from using sidewalks for it’s intended legal uses, then no worries…….hint – sitting is not allowed…..well organized bathrooms onsite???

    4) remember the courthouse sidewalk in Eurtweeka…..ya, supervisors get all wet in the pants with protests on their literal front door, so they mandate cops enforce right of way laws…..out in the hinter land of drugee dopeheads, who cares about a protest until enough violence erupts……like pot and dusty roads, crime, etc….who gives a fuck….not law….

    5) HWY 101 would have rendered a better protest viewership like Felix Omey (Omai)…….but still waiting for Erik Kirk over at sohum parlance to complete his promised story about the incident, since Felix passed away and EK the attorney opened his big fat obligatory mouth to explain the facts as he was her/his attorney…….

  2. Example of LEOs who let up on obligatory law enforcement…..:

    MEXICAN DUDE CATCHES 9 ILLEGAL FISH……. We won’t discuss legality of dude’s immigration status

    WHITE Fish and Game Warden measures every fish to boot…….

    Mexican dude is giving every excuse in the book trying to use his bullshit language barrier to make the case that he did not understand the laws…… You see it all the time in the sport of soccer where Mexicans Latinos think that they’re getting away with something against the white referee with the language barrier even though the white referee understands every goddamn word that’s being said in Espanol……

    The white game warden was supposed to issue nine separate citations by law but instead issues three citations to cut the guy a break and use the justification of there being only three species of fish even though law the law clearly states citations are based on the number of fish illegally caught…..

    The Mexican dude then finishes up his bullshit by saying the cop is a good guy blah blah blah…….

    This is why HOJ encourages everybody to break every fucking law there is that’s not associated with violence or abuse…….. Obviously the Mexican guy wasn’t abusing shit in the eyes of the white guy……. So if anything, the reality is that white people do treat Mexicans with a bunch of leniency (not all, but most)….. Ya know…… when it comes to immigration matters and matters of race and law enforcement…… And since most protesters it seems these days in Humboldt County are still white, it becomes a matter of who really gives a fuck if you’re the white person who holds a position of power…… After all it’s mostly lowly whites to begin with that are protesting……. And that’s exactly how politicians view it these days, not saying that it’s the right way to observe/recognize any peotest, but just saying that’s how it is now in the social structure of the public domain……

      • Disagree John,

        The embarrassment you write of must be a singular feeling.

        Sense – somebody’s senses got offended by facts only…..yes,facts only.

        Guess the newscast is reporting racism because the citation example was all newscast fact.

        Why be embarrassed about facts???

        Ok, weird……

  3. John i am often necessitated to walk around circles of street people blocking the whole sidewalk and leaving no path for pedestrians when I go to Garberville

    • Joe, I am often necessitated to breathe exhaust fumes and cigarette smoke when I go to Garberville. Garberville is full of nasty obnoxious people, but we respect their rights, and defend their rights, because unless we defend everyone’s rights, even nastier and more obnoxious people start putting us in concentration camps, and we don’t have any way of working together to stop them. How many extra miles do you have to walk Joe? Why should I care about your pedestrian path, if you won’t defend our path to democracy? It’s hard to ask people on the street to show respect to the townspeople here when the townspeople show no respect for them. Until then, we just have war, and every inch you occupy is territory liberated from the enemy.

      • HOJ defends “Papa’s” rights to ingress, egress from the sidewalk without being obstructed because Papa wants nothing to do with some protest or other open speech venue/non venue……Papa just wants to get where he wants to go without getting dun run ova.

  4. Just watched on local access tv…. The 300-pound Freddie Mercury cop was wrong when he said you could stand on the sidewalk… that’s not what the law is and cops should not be hired and put down on the ground walking around in the community misinforming people of laws…..

    The lady who came out of the Cecil’s building had a valid concern………

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