8 comments on “An Honest Value in Humboldt County

  1. Contest: John’s ERB IPA V. 6RB IPA…….still though, a steelhead fan….as ya get older, hoppier beers cause short term gastrointestinal acid reflux risks……

    Thoughts on weed:

    Right now, the marijuana industry Right now, the marijuana industry{Permit types} is conspiring with politicians to keep marijuana expensive and to stifle competition and prevent innovation{innovation is segregated, not stifled}. The cannabis industry has given more money to gubernatorial candidates than all other farmers in the state combined, and most of that money went to Gavin Newsom who has promised to keep the price of marijuana high, to protect drug dealer’s profits, while he screws cannabis consumers who are sick of high prices, and communities all over the state who will have to deal with black market crime for the foreseeable future.{Stats, data?}{Newsome citations, statements?}{crime not ever dealt with really for over 5 decades as it relates to the environment…….less national/state lands which are very political immgration issues}

    ‘Our business corrupt? What gives you that idea?’
    That’s not a bargain; that’s a ripoff. There’s no honest value anywhere in the marijuana industry. Instead, it’s full of hype, greed, and government coercion. If you happen to get good pot out of it, that is more or less beside the point. You didn’t really have much of a choice. You paid through the nose to people who feel entitled to your money, and you settled for whatever you got. We deserve a better deal.{Better deal is grow your own or buy black market from a humanoid who undercuts the greed……lots of legal personal grows, some who actually give away free weed like John wrote two weeks ago……so hit up some less greedy types}{those who must pay, ya, legal weed should be $25 an 1/8th max…….especially since all the hard hitting, effective strains have been watered down into a zillion strains with cartoonish hardware store names…….not to mention all the horticultural supply businesses sellng all these products that are the same products…..meaning douches are growing and selling dillweed dope with near samenesses of dinner table ingredients……suggesting quality dope that is “unique” is RARE…… All of these sales people are trained to sell a certain product or products and they look stupefied and bewildered when they don’t understand how old Growers did things, how and with what…… Most chumps think you have to have a shitload of light and a shitload of water to grow killer ass buds…….nope, all wrong} {the big problem is that in the old days people actually worked, today is a whole bunch of lazy fucks…… and it shows in the high costs, waste and time spent cutting corners on methods of growing that slite harder work that costs less substantially……iow, lazy fucks who’d rather spend a shitload of more money on products to do the “repair” for them that a lack of work created, as opposed to the necessary physical labor which ends up costing a hell of a lot less overall for the “products to repair” when you consider everything in the fold of it all}

    A better deal means open competition that rewards innovation. A better deal means licensing large-scale cannabis grows on agricultural land to stop people from hauling soil up the side of a mountain to a hole in the forest, by putting them out of business.{No connection: the hole in the ground was all about secrecy, ag land is open therefore it’s not Secret}

    A better deal means we have a choice of fine cannabis products, in every price range, that are safe, consistent and reliable. Until we have a better deal, we don’t even know what an honest bargain looks like in the marijuana industry. is conspiring with politicians to keep marijuana expensive and to stifle competition and prevent innovation {innovation is not being stifled, just subsidized and segregated}.

    • Secrecy – not ever gonna get rid of on smaller scales.

      Ag lands- never served as an opportunity for small growers who use forrest and dig holes and carry bags of soil up hill…….

      Again folks,

      “Hands Off Policy” = enforce “legit” environmental laws only, turn a blind eye to revenue and taxation schemes, punish the criminal violent types…….problem resolved as good as it will ever get!

    • No contest. ERB IPA is stronger, hoppier, and Cheaper than Steelhead, which is still a good beer, mind you. I sure wouldn’t turn my nose up at one, but I’d still prefer Eel River’s Organic IPA.

      I hear you about the MJ industry. There are good people in the black market, and kind people who give away quality bud. Still, I think people deserve quality herb at a fair price, and they deserve to know whether it has pesticides or was grown organically.

      • Cheaper or “less expensive”….

        Steelhead is lighter, but did you have an opine on 6R IPA?

        Quality herb at a fair price ia max $25 per 1/8.

        Organic – Really a cornicopia because with horticulture supplies, growers over do it often…..and not everything sold is organic…..got silicates, not organic……got something else genetically engineered, not organic……growing in ground that was never pre tested for “chemicals”……cant say……..acid rain on buds…….smoke particulate from fires……mold and bugs (organic but not good)…….

        What is a form of naturally occuring phosphorous?

      • Not sure I’ve tried 6R IPA. $25 per 1/8th is still $200 an oz. I just priced an ounce of pure saffron at $150. Pot is a hell of a lot easier to produce than saffron, so I think your price is still a bit high.

        I hear you about “organic.” Bird shit has phosphorous.

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