7 comments on “It Ain’t Art

  1. Great post, John!

    I miss SoHum and my friends, but then I remember what drove me outta there….this post nails it!


  2. Still laughing at the perfectious example of why douchebags are not originals (just cheap) and why extorting “money for nothing” is a prevalent disease in a tax revenue society (gubbamint posers maserbate any kind of turnaround cost increases……. like house flippers)…,

    “Packaging an 8th of an ounce of weed in a fancy jewelry box with the name of your company in gold letters and charging $55 dollars for it doesn’t make you an artist; it makes you a douchebag. I don’t pay that kind of bread for weed unless the grower and the distributor both face mandatory 5 year minimum prison sentences for the crime, because they fucking deserve it.

    It’s just pot. It’s not an engagement ring. You will incinerate the product, in a matter of days, if not hours. You don’t need a fancy box to keep it for posterity. If you buy this thing, you’ll smoke the weed, but then you’ll have this stupid box that you didn’t want, with someone else’s name on it, which you will then feel responsible for. You’ll hesitate to throw it away, because it’s such a needless waste, so it will sit there, on your table, reminding you of the time you spent $55 for a nickle bag of weed. You’ll never find anything else to do with it, except put more weed into it, so congratulations, you just bought the cheesiest $50 nug-jug on the planet.”

    Thanks John for the pov, brought HOJ good health today with the laughs, for real…….good analyses too!

    • Too true. If you want to be a snob, go ahead and and skip this joint. Go stand over there, by yourself, and do a bong hit of something that you think is tastier. We’re too busy partying to care.

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