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  1. I make frequent walks along Sprowl Creek Road in a vain attempt to keep from getting fat and ugly. About 20 years ago, a war whooping young man in a large pickup truck aimed his speeding vehicle at me and ran me off the road and then proceeded to turn around near Tooby Park and rush back to do it again. When I heard him maneuvering for a third try, I ducked into the bushes and hid and then took a detour back to my place and called 911. Predictably, nothing came of that and the young man remained free to terrorize again, which he did at a later date. When I told the story to co-workers, one of them suggested, “maybe he thought you were a homeless guy.” We have heard all the justifications: they like it, they want to be on the street, it’s because of drugs, they just want to be on welfare, etc. Few address the real cause:greed. Even as the middle class evaporates, the need persists for them to blame their troubles on the poor while they continually suck up to the rich. The “homeless problem” is quickly becoming our Holocaust. People are disappearing while many of us are planning our next vacation. Greed kills. I had a greedy neighbor who saw our little neighborhood not as a beautiful place to live, which it was, but as something to monetize. The Earth, after all, is just Real Estate. First, she sold a small piece for a trailer rental and built a nice big house. Then she turned her own place into a sub rosa bed and breakfast. Then she sold that whole piece to a group of partners. None of them use it as a residence, and it is not hard to imagine what is going on there with a constant flow of large diesel trucks, horse trailers and all manner of various folks coming and going and never staying for long. There is an aggressive dog problem, and I have been told to stay away. This is what is happening to our community.

  2. “why do ya think the rich live farther away or have more space to enjoy?”

    Answer: in an overpopulated and/or uncomfortable, insecure setting, the rich don’t want to deal with the antics and disrespects of other people (shit stirers)

  3. Homelessness – what % is attributed to able-bodied folks who decide to mooch and shmooze and vagabond and lurk undesireable to kaking their own way without adverse impacts being created unreasonably?

    Just a fair minded thought breaking down any stigmas that the non homeless are mean because they dont live lazy.

    • The rich are the ones who make their living by mooching and shmoozing even though they are able bodied. The poor are not the problem. Stop trying to blame them.

  4. If anyone thinks people choose this life style of homelessness, I ask the question why is it only the poor have choose it?
    Thanks for doing this story. I would like to add that Gary Bullock was out of his mind on meth and sheriff Sweivenbank was called and because he knew Gary well he didn’t come out. The sheriffs were called several times that day by one person, finally another person called and Swevinbank showed many many hours later and almost didn’t take him in. ” because he’s his friend.”
    Had they had done like the grand jury recommended, no night time release. Our Father would still be alive. 3 people died due to night time release that year. We have so many rotten apples living in homes in Humboldt. One year a well known woman showed up under the bridge behind renner with a gun shooting it every which way, higher than a kite.( she’s a pill head and a self described vigilante )
    My friends were having dinner at Cecils when they were sitting at the window in the bar and watched the Barber Gary and his fat side kick Hank Toberg hassle every homeless person until someone stuck up for themselves then Gary beat that homeless man up. Tons of witness’s, the cops were called by several people. Nothing happen the sheriffs allowed Gary to walk away. This happens everyday in humboldt county by the housed members of this community……

    • Cecil’s owner, Josh Sweet has been involved in harassing people, illegal evictions and violence against the poor and homeless. I wouldn’t support his business as long as he keeps it up.

  5. Car collision, 1 driver at fault 100%, other driver impaired by alcohol not a fault……..but wait, the housed members of Calfornia then corruptly reshift fault onto a driver who meets the states’ political public relations campaign…….hmm

    Compare now how this same style of transference geys applied to a guy for something that was not legal to begin with…….

    “The victim’s home was an illegal structure he’d built in an area where transients are known to frequent. The structure was burned to the ground.”

    So, everything is arson, even if on paper it is not supposed to exist…….seems like a stretch pushing an arson charge on an illegitimate use, illegal structure……hipocrit gubbamint is ubiquitous and desyroying America.

    Arson, definitely not an air quality concern for sheriff’s, but more like trump up the charges on a perceived scum bag……but hey, gubbamint is presumptuous on everything, file false reports to set people up for a fall….. sheriff deputies are not all evil fucks, but most HOJ has encountered were excessively abusive and deserve death…….fuggin slave enablers.

  6. CHP – out of all the Leos in Humboldt County, the highway patrol officers exhibit fairly professional conduct as an agency overall, although they do need to clean up certain situations that harbor discussion because drivers need not be baited to respond just to be told they are obstructing by being involved answering leos questions.

    HOJ got pulled over, chp officer said he clocked HOJ doing 64 mph in the sagety corridor…….false accusal…..

    HOJ explained the facts, that included a spirts car that came up hard and fast into HOJ’s zone, then let off hard and fast……

    Determination: radar gun read car speed, officer transferred it onto HOJ……

    HOJ was told radar picks up on larger objects…..HOJ stated the radar caught the car as it was immediately behind HOJ, then backed off hard……radar detection.

    The CHP officer really pulled HOJ over for not having license plates…….CHP officer gave his speil on the process and blamed HOJ for not having plates on…..HOJ was then told that the dealer and state habe an arrangement…….HOJ said that he is neither the dealer nor the department of motor vehicles and has nothing to do with printing license plates out and putting them in the mail to get to somebody and when asked why HOJ didn’t do anything HOJ responded that it’s not his obligation or responsibility to provide something to himself that which he can’t provide to himself because it’s some other entity that is supposed to provide it to HOJ…… It’s Jerry Brown’s government in California remember that when things aren’t running so smoothly….. The officer responded he had more important things to do than argue with HOJ…….drunk drivers on memorial weekend….. What kind of drunk driver show stability with their speech???

    HOJ looked up the word argue…….its meaning…….to discuss!

  7. Another example happened in Campbell California last week on Highway 101 near San Jose…..

    A Campbell police officer pulls over a motorist who was speeding excessively.

    Police officer asks the typical question license registration please…..

    While the officer was standing at the passenger window waiting for the paperwork that the driver the passenger were shuffling in the car looking for telling the officer they were having a hard time finding the paperwork……

    The officer decides that he’s being bored and we’ll go back to his patrol car to start issuing a citation…..

    Then the leo does something totally retardated…..

    The officer says that as he was in his vehicle issuing the citation that he had observed the passenger reach under the seat…… The same seat the passenger was already reaching under when the officer was standing next to the vehicle before walking back to the patrol car to begin the citation issuance……

    The Leo then comes back to the vehicle passenger side within arm’s distance of the passenger in the vehicle draws his firearm and points it at the passenger for 9 minutes straight.

    In the report the officer stated he did such waiting for backup…..

    The department claims that it was an unusual day as a reason why backup took more than 9 minutes to get there, in order to justify the cop holding the gun at less than arm’s distance away from the passenger in the vehicle…..

    Now if hoj was a cop was in the cop car riding a citation and then witnessing a passenger reaching under the seat and use that as justification to pull a gun, then what idiot for a cop would just walk up to the side of the car instead of using the patrol vehicle door as a shield instead of just walking up as if he had a bulletproof vest covering his whole body making him invincible…….

    Once again a municipal cop lies in the police report and makes shit up to deceive people that their actions were Justified…….

    The reality is that a majority of police reports filed throughout America are false reports meant to set the victim up for a fall…….

    • I don’t trust cops, but I understand their nervousness, but unarmed nervous people are much less likely to kill someone accidentally, or for the wrong reason.

  8. Example:

    Place order to eat at a dine in establishment.

    Upon Delivery, food order incorrect.

    Patrons overhear cook say, “not making these orders again, aspects of orders were not switched, they can fuck off!”!

    Waiter is informed of the verbal abuse.

    Analyses: Sometimes you have no control of whom surrounds you!

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