8 comments on “Better People

  1. I make frequent walks along Sprowl Creek Road in a vain attempt to keep from getting fat and ugly. About 20 years ago, a war whooping young man in a large pickup truck aimed his speeding vehicle at me and ran me off the road and then proceeded to turn around near Tooby Park and rush back to do it again. When I heard him maneuvering for a third try, I ducked into the bushes and hid and then took a detour back to my place and called 911. Predictably, nothing came of that and the young man remained free to terrorize again, which he did at a later date. When I told the story to co-workers, one of them suggested, “maybe he thought you were a homeless guy.” We have heard all the justifications: they like it, they want to be on the street, it’s because of drugs, they just want to be on welfare, etc. Few address the real cause:greed. Even as the middle class evaporates, the need persists for them to blame their troubles on the poor while they continually suck up to the rich. The “homeless problem” is quickly becoming our Holocaust. People are disappearing while many of us are planning our next vacation. Greed kills. I had a greedy neighbor who saw our little neighborhood not as a beautiful place to live, which it was, but as something to monetize. The Earth, after all, is just Real Estate. First, she sold a small piece for a trailer rental and built a nice big house. Then she turned her own place into a sub rosa bed and breakfast. Then she sold that whole piece to a group of partners. None of them use it as a residence, and it is not hard to imagine what is going on there with a constant flow of large diesel trucks, horse trailers and all manner of various folks coming and going and never staying for long. There is an aggressive dog problem, and I have been told to stay away. This is what is happening to our community.

  2. “why do ya think the rich live farther away or have more space to enjoy?”

    Answer: in an overpopulated and/or uncomfortable, insecure setting, the rich don’t want to deal with the antics and disrespects of other people (shit stirers)

  3. Homelessness – what % is attributed to able-bodied folks who decide to mooch and shmooze and vagabond and lurk undesireable to kaking their own way without adverse impacts being created unreasonably?

    Just a fair minded thought breaking down any stigmas that the non homeless are mean because they dont live lazy.

    • The rich are the ones who make their living by mooching and shmoozing even though they are able bodied. The poor are not the problem. Stop trying to blame them.

  4. If anyone thinks people choose this life style of homelessness, I ask the question why is it only the poor have choose it?
    Thanks for doing this story. I would like to add that Gary Bullock was out of his mind on meth and sheriff Sweivenbank was called and because he knew Gary well he didn’t come out. The sheriffs were called several times that day by one person, finally another person called and Swevinbank showed many many hours later and almost didn’t take him in. ” because he’s his friend.”
    Had they had done like the grand jury recommended, no night time release. Our Father would still be alive. 3 people died due to night time release that year. We have so many rotten apples living in homes in Humboldt. One year a well known woman showed up under the bridge behind renner with a gun shooting it every which way, higher than a kite.( she’s a pill head and a self described vigilante )
    My friends were having dinner at Cecils when they were sitting at the window in the bar and watched the Barber Gary and his fat side kick Hank Toberg hassle every homeless person until someone stuck up for themselves then Gary beat that homeless man up. Tons of witness’s, the cops were called by several people. Nothing happen the sheriffs allowed Gary to walk away. This happens everyday in humboldt county by the housed members of this community……

    • Cecil’s owner, Josh Sweet has been involved in harassing people, illegal evictions and violence against the poor and homeless. I wouldn’t support his business as long as he keeps it up.

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