14 comments on “Humboldt’s Economic Potential

  1. Most people who make a living from marijuana, don’t pay into Social Security, and aren’t covered by Workman’s Comp, so they don’t count as being “employed.”

    Response: true, many self-employed, but since Social Security is a scam, not sure it makes any difference other then less numbers of slaves paying into a fraudulent system that pays out to people more than those very same people pay in…..

    Thanks to the War on Drugs, the marijuana industry has become a black hole that sucks people and money out of the economy and leaves a trail of poverty, addiction and death in it’s wake.

    Response: disagree in part, money is just shifted around to different participants and it pisses off the wealthier fucks not involved with pot. The only way money is lost in the system is if the Federal Reserve banking system takes action to make that money become lost otherwise that money is in the system in some form it’s not lost it’s just spread around differently…. And if system is solely meant to suggest federal and state entitlement programs, and it’s a good thing to underfund those fraudulent programs….. It is a fend-for-yourself world more and more everyday that goes by because too many people are getting things for which they are not paying for in full.

    Agree on organized crime as it relates to politicians Lije Ryan Sundberg……. and you’re favorite John, Estelle fennel.

    Agree on the small Growers actually they’re just Farmers gardeners….. Being squeezed… Clot is being sold for 40 – $50 and 8 if the dispensaries if you take the median average which is around $45 and you multiply that times 8 then x 16 to get your pound price you’ll see that the dispensaries are selling pot as if it’s over $4,500 per pound……. Of course a single person who grows their own and can make just as much may not have necessarily the same expensive overhead and employee costs that pay into the system fraudulently, but but hey even California endorses individual licensing to avoid employee costs….. And of course who needs to be licensed if they’re just doing it for them self and it’s personal…… And if it wasn’t personal and it’s to be sold who cares if the environment isn’t being destroyed…… Because then it just comes down to the Have Nots complaining that they have not and they don’t want to do the work and everybody who’s anybody with a straight face on their head will admit the growing marijuana is one fucking hard ass job….

    The pot problem really has not been created by the plant it has been created by politicians and people in government who don’t do their job and cover-up to maintain power

    • The marijuana industry is such a ripoff. If growing pot is so fucking hard, why aren’t people more eager to get out of cannabis and start a new legal business? Only someone who has never done anything else for a living would say that “growing cannabis is one fucking hard ass job.” Working at McDonalds is a hard ass job. Driving for Uber is a hard ass job. Growing weed is easy.

      • Dunno about that John,

        As you wrote in your last article about carrying sacks of chicken shit up the hill, that’s hard work especially out in the direct sunshine….no less hard than a daily nursery…..and a fast food joint aint hard work, its a slop job that can’t be compared.

        Granted, there is a difference between the actual laborer and the person who’s just reaping most of the profits.

      • the only reason to haul chicken manure up a hill is to hide your garden from the cops. Most of the work drug dealers do is that way. Pot grows itself, but dinner doesn’t make itself.

  2. Sorry John, voice to text software obviously sucks, jst as bad as keyboards…..touch the u get a j sorta conundrom……and proofreading is always a failure on tech devices….. And yet the court system still allowed texting another technology to be admissible evidence when it’s clear that the software is flawed and that the software is the writer and not the actual human being…… Just saying through voice to text….

  3. Maybe it just needs to be an iPhone purchase rather than buying Japanese Korean Taiwan Chinese or any other Asian technology products that fucking suck…..? The ole export/import scam……..

    On a side note today OJ Simpson is up for parole hearing……. Talk about the case of all cases that showed how fucked up America is and how far and wide a division between race we have in America…… And it plays out in this corrupt politicians pot game to win the biggest environmental crimes are being committed by illegals, usually Mexicans Hispanics Latinos nicaraguans Hondurans Guatemalans bulgarians Etc…… And on public lands until recently….. Funny how races used for anything not pot….hmmmm

  4. HOJ was just fired upon by 2 chumps in a gold, brand new with gold canopy pick up truck from mid city motors…..the driver was recklessly driving and attacks HOJ with a auto pellet gun after driving up onto HOJ at the stop aign at Sunset Avenue in Arcata.

    The officer told HOJ not to engage if HOJ sees the chumps.

    Reality is these guys are dead if they think they fan go around with an auto pellet gun firing at folks because guaranteed HOJ aint the first victim and one’s luck lasts only so long….

    Not surprised f the chumps were doung an Arcata/Eureka to McKinleyville drug deal and carry the pellet gun to attack with.

    They are both dead chumps in time.

  5. Really, who drives around with an auto pellet gun in their car to be handled and fired by the driver?

    Chumps all around, and they areyoung fucks in their twenties, early 30’s.

  6. If all this pot industry has got one thing that’s a common denominator these days is that there’s a lot of young people who deserve to get their asses kicked or die because they’re going around fucking over people in the community acting as if they own shit and that they can get away with anything that they want and that they rule the road and if something sets them off they don’t communicate they just start firing their weapons…… What is going on people is not good, but EVIL….. Evil deserves death.

    • I hear you HOJ. Assholes become drug dealers, and then asshole drug dealers move here to grow drugs. Thats’ why we have more than our share of assholes here in HumCo.

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