44 comments on “More Cruel, Inhuman, and Degrading Treatment From Estelle Fennell

  1. Yep, as soon as she started taking in over $8,000 of our tax dollars every month, Estelle Fennell has been living high on the hog, soaking up her celebrity status and selling us all out. I can hardly believe how much she’s changed, it’s downright pitiful.

    • #estellefennelisasellout
      Humboldt county will be the most expensive place to grow cannabis because of her. People south are getting a permit at a one stop, one price permit. They are going to destroy “our brand” and nobody is going to care what weed they are smoking as long as it’s cheap. Nobody will want or be able to afford to buy humboldt weed and then the bottom will fall out for the county and the weed biz.
      Then they will all be on welfare….there’s nothing left. We use to fish, then log, then forced into cannabis but that will be gone and when Estelle and her buddies get done they will have destroyed us for the love of money!

      • We don’t even know what our economic potential is because we’ve been sucking the black market drug dealer’s teat for so long.

  2. Perhaps the outside investigation of the sheriff’s office should include the supervisors. I have always suspected collusion between the sheriff and gang of four.

    • I can only hope. I sent my complaints in! If the FEDS are here don’t stop at the cops get right on too tho supes, they are in it! As far as I’m concerned Estelle has ruined so hum just by doing nothing and leaving ALL parties in a public safety mess. Just turning her head and winking to these cops and vigilantes!fuck them! Take all her friends to jail start with Tara Sutherland the leader of the pack of Shlops and take down our #Sweet

  3. Reads like Cal Trans and rest areas.

    Politicians want people to pay revenue in one hand for sleep, food, healthcare, etc…..

    But then in the other hand the politicians Dole out the subsidies to really really really wealthy people or super duper duper poor ass people……. Let’s not forget pregnant mothers…….

    Last but not least is the typical intelligence Factor that carries over the one after dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s……. Only the really really bright politicians want to make laws that can never be enforced without picking and choosing winners and losers……..

    …….. At least Fennel has a place to go when her house burns down..

  4. Love & appreciate your article, compassion n candor! You shed light on the needs of the poorest of this area & their basic human needs & rights. I am 70 & surviving on social security, barely. Yet how blessed I am to have shelter. Public restrooms, affordable food, decent housing, are basic rights.

  5. Standing and clapping! A story well done and true. The only thing you missed was that the reason she made the ordinance on sprawl creek is that our town vigilantes burned a RV there too! People were lucky not to be in it the night they burned it. She has been hiding and ignoring her friends bad behavior with matches for years. As long as they burn the poor out she’s good….#shesgottogo #sohumneedsanewsupervisor #Estelleblows

  6. Really, it is like pot:

    1) instead of enforcing environmental laws and federal drug laws, the county turns a blind eye….the state turns a blind eye……..everyone making money, revenue in various tax collection schemes….

    2) lack of enforcement pushes “cause for legalization locally” to “monitor”….

    3) the process was all about sucking in newbies (a proportion claim to be existing, but are spanky clean linen sheets new)

    4) The “busting” covers over the prefered locals still bucking the system while providing revenue to the county or state through various means and schemes ranging from permits to citations to property seizures…….

    5) With recreation now, why is it that personal medical information or licenses are still being required???……it is hipocrisy unfolding itself.

    6) of all the busts, only Visser is a longtimer and not so sure on his popularity with insiders…..as a long black list exists in memory by gubbamint individuals who just have it out for certain folks who “uncovered some isdues over something political”…….funny that gubbamint types can sure dish it out, but can’t for jack handle a situation opposite…..they cut and run and hide, deflect and lie, but do carry on business as usual……and voters locally wonder why humboldt is one fucked up place to live in the fold of it all……people used to move away from the urban areas to escape the futility fusilage of filth and grime, but now that sickness has trespassed upon rural life, and no street chump cops are going to show up in their squad cars with a jail nearby……nope, the filth is gonna get killed by good ole fashioned unsolveable murders because rural folks have an extreme hatred for urban sickos……the words from the hills are heating up….and the boobytraps have yet to begin that will hurt everyone, especially thieves and leos.

    But hey, using local taxes to put more deputies on the ground looks fabulous on paper……and when a taxpayer advocacy group (cough cough Grand Jury) actually gets off their lazy asses to prove with data to the community that cops on the ground don’t prevent crimes, then the community can move forward. If anything, cops are a posse of bounty hunters on the tax payroll who collect and process and occassionaly misfire weapons that spray bullets and kill, if not become embeded into building walls or grass turf doggy parks.

    Need more investigators, less street cops…….plus, street cops ALWAYS FILE FALSE REPORTS, ALWAYS…..

    So why allow false reports into any court case folks, unless you same folks don’t give a rats ass about justice?

    Voters don’t give a rats ass about justice and it shows as bright as the sunshine when voters pass stupid shit.

    Shame on the voters, who are fuggin many.

      • Bet a majority know what they ain’t gettin’ too. Anyhow, justice is skewed at best in a non-sanctid institutional platform.

        It is a reason why people dont involve chumps and decide vigilante responses are best.

    • Solveable murders at times because the killers attempted to sell personal property of their victims:

      (sure path in college or career — by construction jobs, an interest in all-terrain vehicles and vintage sneakers — and also, it seemed, by an appetite for marijuana.) – what brought the six young men together in life crossing paths…

      And then a fairly common journey that turned into an unfathomable one finally became clear on Friday when two 20-year-old men confessed to the murders of four young men who disappeared in the suburbs of Philadelphia last week, authorities said on Friday.

      Officials claimed that the suspects lured the victims to a remote family farm in northern Bucks County with the promise of drug deals, shot them, ran one of them over with a backhoe, and burned three of the bodies in a “pig roaster.”

      Note: killers (cousins) only were bargaining less than a five pound pot deal…….and murder four…….consider these no good for nothin’ are not the big boys either…..imagine how big money (legal and illegal) is…….at least with the black market, the preferred “hush hush” nature by people draws less attention (satellite scanning/geo framing not included) which in turn attracts less criminals who crash and dash the grow, often with weapons…..people seem to forget this or have not been taught history…….and permitting brings more people here because larger parcel rural lands are available at reasonable prices in most transactions, but the larger cities and metros dun r u n o f t and 1) over developed and 2) have extremely expensive real estate…..if you can find water to boot

  7. No we haven’t. We never call the police. That’s like inviting the Boogie man over for dinner…you just get past the appetizers and they have you in cuffs in the closet threatening you and your whole family as he’s sucking on your neck. One time I got a call from a friend that had a restraining order against a person that was in their house and had discharged a fire arm. Cops were called and Sgt. At the time took him out with his arm around his ole friend and gave him a ride away and not to jail…..just to redway….it was then I knew so hum was in a awful way..the Sgt. Had a formal complaint filed against him but I think Downey just round filed anything on “his boys.” Who would think you would ever chant, ” bring the Feds to humboldt” but we are…”lock the police up.”

      • Why trust cops anywhere when all they do is file false reports after a poor mop up……..look at Josiah in Arcata……every LEO involved with that is “suspect” to having no clue as to how to execute their duties and obligations…..they only make a situation worse…..Calfornia, Ohio, etc….it don’t matter where, it is everywhere.

      • I agree. we give cops too much power because we expect too much of them. They are bound to disappoint us, and use the poser we give them against us.

  8. One time a man had just got off the bus in redway and he stopped and chatted with some folks, lit a cig or something like that. A van pulled up behind him a man got out of the van and clocked him with a metal bar and he got back in his van and drove off in the middle of the day. Many witnesses and even lisc. # of van. The guy was taken to hospital, Cops called and that same lousy Sargent showed up. He made contact with the person that assaulted the guy but he didn’t arrest him because ” he didn’t look like the sort of guy that would do that.” ( which meant to us, he knew him) That person in that van I believe is still assaulting the poor in our community.
    Oh yeah, mike Downey just made him a Lt.. He will retire very well of the fat of corruption of the HCSD.

    • After HOJ was assaulted, battered, falsely arrested, falsely booked, falsely imprisoned, harrassed, bullied, abused, demeaned…….shit, too long a list….

      Injury loss was filed, county denied it because officer wrote in report that HOJ walked away……..make sense??? Then, HOJ laughed at home when reading the denial letter and reason.

      HOJ pulled out the audio/video library to isolate the clip of HOJ walking away on the order of the sheriff deputy to unlock a security gate for Deputy “nipple ring” Beckel……ya, the county got caught on that too, and to boot, the evidence is kept for future embarrasings of gubbamint……

      And the deputy who commited a crime was promoted………it s how it os with all gubbamint departments…..they reward criminal behavior……and the supes are in on it too, set aside the funding too……..what it must be like to endorse criminals, maybe voters enjoy endorsing criminals too, jack shit knows plenty voters vote in the endorser types, so………look in the mirror, stop voting 2 party system types and vote for weirdos, youll get much more bang for the tax buck.

  9. This is a better copy/paste on the shady pot deal: Note – the shock and awe respinses by people are EXACTLY WHAT MANY SAY ABOUT HUMBOLDT FUCKED UP COUNTY…….

    Small-town Pennsylvania left ‘disoriented, in shock’ by grisly murders

    By Ray Sanchez, CNN

    Updated 8:46 AM ET, Sun July 16, 2017

    Two men charged in Pennsylvania killings

    Mom charged with killing kids appears in court
    georgia police beating jnd orig vstop_00000612.jpg
    Cop beating homeless woman caught on camera
    lapd woman kidnapping el cajon street orig_00002229.jpg
    Police: Video shows man kid

    Two men charged in Pennsylvania killings

    Serenity of affluent Solebury Township is shattered by discovery of four bodies

    Two cousins have been charged in the killings of four men

    (CNN)Susan Coleman and her husband were enjoying a quiet afternoon in the pool last week when their bucolic stretch of Pennsylvania reverberated with gunfire.

    “It was just too many shots all at once — very disturbing,” said Coleman, who’s still unsure who fired those shots. “It was overkill. You’d pulverize a deer with the kind of shots that we heard.”

    The serenity of affluent Solebury Township has been shattered by the week-long investigation into the murders of four missing young men who authorities say were lured to a remote farm in northern Bucks County with the promise of a marijuana deal.

    On that isolated farm, the four men were shot, one of them was run over with a backhoe, three of the bodies were burned in a pig roaster, and the four were buried in makeshift graves on the sprawling property.

    Two cousins, Cosmo Dinardo, 20, and Sean Kratz, also 20, were arrested and are charged in the killings. The bodies were found on land owned by Dinardo’s parents, according to court documents.

    Dinardo has been charged with all four homicides. Kratz, 20, was charged with killing three of the men.
    And the fate of the victims — Jimi Taro Patrick, 19, Dean Finocchiaro, 19, Thomas Meo, 21, and Mark Sturgis, 22 — has stunned communities better known for picturesque landscapes, quaint dining and shopping spots and getaways for reclusive artists and celebrities.

    “It makes me feel like things are different here from when I grew up,” said Jess Beadling, 22, a waitress at the Station Tap House in Doylestown.

    “It’s not bad. It’s just not the same. There’s not much to do here anymore. The whole situation is shocking. We’re waiting for a Netflix series to come out from it.”
    A sign outside the restaurant read, “Our Hearts go out to the four families.”

    Four young victims remembered outside the Station Tap House in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.
    Four young victims remembered outside the Station Tap House in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

    ‘Things that shouldn’t happen in Sleepy Hollow’
    Coleman, who has two sons and a daughter about the same age as the victims, can’t help but think that she may have heard the shots that took life.

    She feels some guilt about not immediately calling the police, she said. She was eventually contacted by a detective from the district attorney’s office.

    Her family moved to Solebury Township from New Jersey in 2002, she said. Her home is next to the farm where the young men were killed.

    “My husband and I both come from Princeton,” she said. “It’s a lot more congested there and we wanted to be away from that and pay less taxes than New Jersey but we wanted to be close by. So to escape to this little enclave here and … we just feel very unsettled right now.”

    In recent years, Coleman said, drug use among young people has become more prevalent.

    “It’s just unsettling things that shouldn’t happen in Sleepy Hollow like this,” she said.

    Coleman said that after hearing about the missing young men she called police to report the gunshots and yelling she had heard days earlier.

    A police dispatcher took down the information and said an officer would get back to her. But no one followed up, she said. She later drove to a spot near the search scene and walked up to a cop.

    “Did anybody mention that I called? He said, no. It’s like ‘Mayberry R.F.D.’ here,” she said with a chuckle, recalling the late 1960s television comedy series. “He took my name, number and my information.”

    Young women listen to Bucks County District Attornery Matthew Weintraub's update on the investigation on Thursday.

    Young women listen to Bucks County District Attornery Matthew Weintraub’s update on the investigation on Thursday.

    ‘Did your boys know those boys?’

    On Thursday, when Dinardo’s lawyer revealed his client had confessed to involvement in the deaths, about 100 residents and reporters gathered at a shopping mall a few miles from the search area to await updates on the investigation.

    “We wanted to be supportive and comforting for our community,” resident Wyatt McLeod said.

    For days, dozens of law enforcement officers searched the farmland. Tents were set up across the property. Investigators used large machinery to dig for evidence. Helicopters hovered overhead and traffic clogged surrounding roads. Cadaver dogs eventually led authorities to the bodies.

    Residents left flower bouquets outside the farmland in memory of the victims.

    Solebury Township residents leave flowers outside farmland where four young men were killed.

    Solebury Township residents leave flowers outside farmland where four young men were killed.

    Dawn Cerbellino, a Bucks County resident and mother of two, said friends and relatives have been calling all week to ask, “Did your boys know those boys?”
    That the deaths involved alleged drug deals did not surprise her, Cerbellino said.

    “Kids have money around here,” she said. “Money breeds other problems.”

    Patrick, one of the victims, graduated in 2016 from Holy Ghost Preparatory School, and Dinardo, one of the suspects, graduated from there the previous year, school spokesman Bill Doherty said.

    “There are no words that can adequately express our sorrow over the loss of Jimi Patrick,” Doherty said in a statement. “We extend our heartfelt sympathies to Jimi’s family and friends. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the families affected by this tragic event.”

    Residents have been shaken by the grisly details of the murders.

    On July 5, Dinardo agreed to sell Patrick four pounds of marijuana for $8,000, according to the criminal complaint. Dinardo picked up Patrick and brought him back to the farm.

    When they arrived, Patrick disclosed he only had $800. Dinardo agreed to sell him a shotgun instead. Dinardo then took him to a remote part of the property, gave him a shotgun before fatally shooing him with a .22-caliber rifle, the complaint said.
    Dinardo allegedly used a backhoe to dig a 6-foot-deep hole and bury Patrick, investigators said.
    ‘Sobering and sad’

    On July 7, Dinardo agreed to sell a quarter-pound of marijuana to Finocchiaro, according to court documents. Dinardo picked up Kratz, his cousin, and the two drove to Finocchiaro’s house and planned to rob him.

    The three of them drove back to Dinardo’s property. According to the complaint, Dinardo told investigators that once they were af the farm, Kratz shot Finocchiaro in the head with a handgun that belonged to Dinardo’s mother. Kratz, however, told police that Dinardo was the one who shot Finocchiaro.

    They then placed Finocchiaro’s body in a metal tank that Dinardo referred to as the pig roaster, the complaint said.

    Dinardo agreed to sell marijuana to Thomas Meo that same night, and he picked up Meo and his friend Mark Sturgis and drove them back to his property, the complaint states.

    He told police he shot Meo in the back when they got out of the car. Meo fell to the ground screaming. Dinardo shot Sturgis as he started to run away, the complaint states.

    Dinardo then drove the backhoe over Meo and “basically crushes him,” Kratz told police, according to the complaint. Dinardo allegedly used the backhoe to lift their bodies up and drop them in the metal tank with Finocchiaro’s body, according to the complaint.
    He allegedly poured gasoline into the tank and lit it, the complaint said. Dinardo and Kratz returned to the property the next afternoon and used the backhoe to dig a hole and bury Finocchiaro, Meo and Sturgis.
    “People are really very much disoriented and in shock and asking, Is this actually the end of the world?” said Father Paschal Onunwa, parish vicar of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Doylestown. “They’re not used to this kind of tragedy.”

    At Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Monsignor Joseph Gentili said his congregation will be praying for those directly and remotely touched by the deaths.

    “Not sure I can respond to the impact at this point … but I am sure it will be quite sobering and sad,” he said.

    CNN’s Anne Woolsey, Brynn Gingras, Linh Tran and Eric Levenson contributed to this story.

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  10. OPERATION YUROK: Tribe Launches Annual Marijuana Eradication Effort With Wave of Search Warrants This Morning


    Ryan Sundberg (A Yurok native who supports dopifying non-natives) is wishy washy on pot….

    In one hand, supervisor Sundberg’s ancestors and family tree have relevance for protection against all things pot, but then to cuddle up with bad white people for politics as usual in big fucking deal America.

  11. HOJ is a hands off policy guy regarding pot, stated as such years ago to boot.

    Piss on the voters for whom voted wrong, but also a good luck to for they will need it because their expectations are invalid and overblown.

  12. Pot only needs be decriminalized while enviros need to do their fucking job or get the fuck outta here for good.

    • What do you mean do their fucking job? Nobody pays real environmentalists. Are you talking about the people who got hired by the dope-yuppie non-profits for their NIMBY campaigns? What do you expect from them?

  13. Enviro jobs are not justified when “faking and making up bull” to act as if they are doing a kick ass job protectingnothing….enough with trumped up allegations and false retoric by insiders and gubbamint officials……it is all over the place like Chunk barfing from a balcony all over the crowd below at a Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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