6 comments on “What’s the War on Drugs Got To Do With the Humboldt Brand

  1. Branding is jive. Even back in the days of imported Mexican, Colombian etc. adjectives were very important, so that the potential buyer got the idea that the potential seller knew what he was talking about. Organizations are well prepared to mass produce and mass market dope as “legalization” spreads. Regulated and registered “farmers” are being either cynical or naive in a probably vain attempt to continue to profit from this mess. We should all just grow our own and stop trying to kill each other.

    • Right on Jerry! I think most growers will just ride it till the end. This has always been a cut and run kind of business, and now that they don’t have to run, they’ll milk it till it’s dry.

  2. Humboldt Brand, no such thing.



    1) each plant, even the same strain, is genetically different.

    2) each grower grows different.

    3) each micro climate has a different environment……from soil, to humidity, to sunlight, to water, etc…..techniques vary…….etc.

    4) Humboldt – for decades known as “where the killer weed grows” because of openess of outlaw culture….

    In 1987, went across the US, stopped in Kansas wearing an HSU football jersey, a cute voluptuous girl at that time had asked, “is that where the killer weed grows?”

    So, if anything, Humboldt is “Trumped Up” in the weed game.

    John, your writing skills “blow away every local media/journalist/blog site moderators”…..great write -up…….too bad the others can’t replicate your awesomeness.

    • You’re too kind HOJ, but I appreciate the kind words. Were you quoting anyone there? I agree with your assessment of the Humboldt Brand. Too much pot is grown here for all of it to be exceptional.

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