5 comments on “New Ordinance or Not, Consumers Will Decide

  1. Where to begin, end?:

    Power- RCEA/PGE shift into renewable power supply deals…..pot using 80% renewable……so if the county through RCEA & legislation forces out pge to take over electric supply and convert local supply to only renewable, then all a grower must do is tinker with their bill to assure RCEA is charging……that means buying renewable is 100% a guarantee…….just another carbon tax scheme, but local…….doesn’t make it legit, just validates a racket.

    Generators- before all this permit stuff there was no local code on generator use…… It’s as if all the bureaucrats locally are doing, along with their groupie shoulder rubbers, is to take everything that was bad (prior to this illegal permitting process that the county is running) and making that bad acceptable.

    The reason why growing pot is not illegal in the state or county is because its a federal enforcement issue…..no state codes, no local codes on enforcement exist, except based upon illegal state and local codes……. so John, ya wanna know why growers are flippin the county the bird, shovin the high hard one up their asses……it is called hipocrisy and growing a plant for greed.

    Disagree with you on licensing businesses for on site uses until pot is decriminalzed…….people need assurances that if they are set up for a fall, county/state insurance pays all costs, attorneys fees, expenses,damages, etc….until decrimnalzation is final.

    Roads- all the dust these mother fuckers driving their trailors with soil, construction materials for lightd dep ops, etc…….fucking toxic shit to breathe……..so these asshat taxes the county collects, they need topave dirt roads or get the fuck outta the marijuana permitting business now…..fucking bozos……

    Liked how PC commissioners McKinney and Bongio told the audience this mj process and permitting ordeal is all fucked up and if ya want code enforcement, it needs to be in the EIR with LEO inputs as a seperate agency with major concerns…….apparantly planning is running amok similar to congress in DC….looking to avoid impuning their own for political purposes.

    Guessing here that retaliation/vigilantism will be the effect upon country road racers with trailors……maybe a 6″ rock hits their truck, maybe a shotgun blast for audio threat, maybe even worse…….it is that bad with the lawless driving, no doubt………and it aint longtime growers either…….its the newbies who think they own the world and control everything…….it is that bad with youngins.

    Ordinance 2.0 for clarity as Saucy(Noah) proclaimed last night……..he was extraordinarily upbeat on the June 1 meeting considering he usually looks and sounds like he just woke up from a winter hibernation……whick kinda puts into question how much he pays attention to detail…….kinda like why this is a tinker 2.0 ordinance……to be tinkered again…..tbd

      • Dust gets on foliage, dries it out as it absorbs whatever surface moisture or sub surface moisture exists…..

        All that winter rain water that the greenery is trying to absorb and maintain through the hot summer months just goes proof in the dust storm…… Talk about a disadvantage for fire protection, creating a blight upon the natural Greenery, displacing other animals in nature because their food and moisture sources are being affected……so much more to look at without wearing bifocal blind eye implants.

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