13 comments on “Do We Need More New Grows in Humboldt County?

  1. A couple things… I know you like to often exaggerate (I call that lying but let’s not quibble over literary devices) but I think I’l call you on this one: I doubt that 1000’s of new gigantic grows have sprung up in the last year, although probably there are new ones…and when you say “drug dealers don’t care about anyone but themselves” I think it’s misleading because hardly anyone cares about anyone but themselves, wouldn’t you agree?
    Anyway I read you every week, can’t stop looking at that car wreck of verbiage from a champion mud slinger, and I see you are in the AVA now often, didn’t I tell you years ago to do that?

    • Why don’t you count them? I know drug dealers like to dismiss anyone who criticizes them, but unless you can prove that I’m lying, you’re just blathering bullshit. I know a lot of people who care about other people, but I don’t know any drug dealers who do. Around here, greedy drug dealers hang around together. They reinforce each others greed, coarseness and indifference to others, thinking that everyone else is like them, and dismissing anyone who isn’t, but drug dealers really are a special kind of scum. I’m glad to know that you read my work every week, and I hope you will continue to do so, but you don’t read my work because it’s a car wreck, you read it because I’m a champion. I know it, and you know it too. Just admit it, and forget about trying to couch your admiration in a left-handed compliment. The AVA started publishing my work without my permission, but since they started paying me, I’m cool with it.

  2. Your write-up answered your headline John because Humboldt County Supervisors (as elected by the naive folks that live all clean and drug free in Humboldt County, intended snarky jab) don’t want to spend time effectively in areas that are epic political failures.

    Pot in Humboldt has never been an epic failure but it has had its impacts. Since it’s not a losing issue whether or not a commercial pot permit program is successful goes to the heart of the actual intent of the permit process.

    If you piss on it whilst it lays in the same bucket as the Bonnie Neely led and inspired tsunami ordinance, then any rational and reasonable fair-minded person whose head is visible on their shoulders could realize that the pot permit ordinance “in rational” is no different than the tsunami rationale or any other uplifting decision-making that the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors typically self admire in to such loathing degree and levels of pedigree.

    The real plan behind it all (for which former liberal progressive supervisor Mark Lovelace was too shy to discuss openly in a form of the English language that even dumbshit’s could understand) is that the pot permit process is not about pot at all when you cut through it……… It is about developing the land so that at a later date and time you can change the use with the caveat that the site is already prepared for building or anything else because it’s already been developed……..

    So really John it comes down to how many of the very people in the community who are not elected officials are lying out their asses to help protect the elected officials for the decisions that they’re making that are an aid and benefit to the real use of land that these nameless people so desire……. Remember nothing lasts forever and that includes uses of land and so if regulation is such that everyday that goes by makes it even harder to develop land then why not just blow up the development now with the use of something that’s Black Market and has been known for decades is having impacts on the community, so therefore we got to deal with it….. but the way that it’s being dealt with John…… well clearly no good, and as usual with politics, the full breath of the impacts by the decision-makers themselves won’t be felt until a future date and time just like Obamacare…….

    Need versus want, or desire to set up future developments………

      • And then come back with “as advertised” less destructive “uses” since grading, infrastructure……aspects of development are already executed.

  3. What is surprising John is that no lawsuit yet has been filed against the county at a federal court!!!

      • If suit is in the works, hope it is legit and sincere, otherwise more scoffing.

        Local jurisdictions should have zero ability to permit drugs, commercialization of drugs, laws on drugs its uses or its production……..and to set up land use requirements for illegal drug production is total mental retardation.

        Pot is a plant criminalized as a drug.

        Locals should embrace a hands off policy on grows and use when environmental damage is nuthin.

        No permit process was needed to enforce laws that protect the environment, but obviously enough people involved in the issue didn’t give a rat’s ass about anyone else but themself and so that’s why for decades marijuana has been an ongoing issue for public debate because something is in the works and insiders don’t want to reveal it and it has nothing to do with pot or the environment, even though it should.

        It is about using pawns to do the dirty work of development knowing nothing last forever in American politics………pot growers develop, then get busted by Feds, property seized, asset sale at county courthouse, DANCO buys lien note at auction sale, builds public housing and sfr’s……..

        Now Hardin can’t complain no more…….see John, it is all a smokescreen……. But what HOJ wants to know is how many years in the short-term it will take for the marijuana Market to be so flooded the nobody’s going to make the money necessary to keep doing it………. So then the value of the land drops back down and they sell it to someone else who has a different idea on how to use the land………

        Personally hoping every permitted grow gets ripped off.

      • I agree. Getting drug dealers, flush with black market cash, to do the dirty work is the plan for Humboldt County developers. Personally, I hope the price of weed drops so low that nobody wants to waste the gas to come here and rip people off, and growers just go out of business because they can’t get enough money for their crop to make it worth their while.

      • Missouri suing drug companies, next could be MO suing drug states.

        Marijuana makes CA a “drug state”.

        Marijuana is a harmless plant.

        People do harm using a plant.

        Go after people, not the plant.

        Like Big Pharma, go after people not plants or animals.

      • Personally, stats and data may not exist…..YET…..but the presumption historically is:

        MJ use = 95%+ smoking

        Smokers need to grow their own unless they can’t for whatever……….this is where the controversy begins………..sales transactions for the excesses…….

        Growers – grow all you want, but enter into an agreement with gubbamint or damage the environment and you’ll lose……….again, it is not the plant’s fault, it is individual human teet suckers who lack good.

      • Touring musicians can’t grow their own. Disabled people can’t grow their own. Homeless people can’t grow their own. People in apartments probably can’t afford to pay for an extra bedroom to grow their weed in. There are lots of reasons why people can’t grow their own, and more reasons why your crop might not make it to fruition, even if you have the opportunity. Everyone deserves weed, and they deserve it at a fair price.

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