24 comments on “The Failure of Humboldt County’s Medical Marijuana Permit System

  1. Meanwhile, the community cannot find professional people to staff the school district or the health services districts because they don’t want to live here and can’t afford it anyway and buildings that once housed businesses sit empty and businesses still surviving seek employees that can help them but find that qualified people are otherwise employed and most job seekers aren’t qualified. Why? Because it has become a much less pleasant place to live while, at the same time, a much more expensive place to live. Regulation is a joke because Humboldt County can’t afford to enforce anything and so it’s all silly rhetoric.

    • What, you mean professional people who went to college so they would have skills that made them valuable to a community don’t want to pay a premium so they can raise their kids in a town where everyone deals drugs? I wonder why?

      • Graduates who got words on paper that means mostly nothing and while they went to college still learning how to be grown ups, as opposed to going to parties and stabbing people, these graduates learned the world that they thought they knew was really a world they didn’t know it all and post-graduation the very diplomas that they look at aren’t worth as much as they used to be……

        AKA – college is for losers who desire brainwashing and high costs……trade schools much, much better……. Besides with artificial intelligence starting to take over jobs, automization kids who think that they should go to college should reconsider because why get a paper degree if the environment of jobs is changing so quickly to suggest that the next 20 years in America is fucked if you’re looking for any sense of stability.

        Fend for yourself and make a living no matter how you can is the motto so long as you respect Mother Nature and so long that you respect good human beings, for bad human beings HOJ could give a fuck.

      • As I recall there was a cartoon lion named Snagglepuss. The only meal that poor cat got in the whole cartoon series was the time he ate his diploma. Today’s grads could learn something from Snagglepuss.

  2. Isn’t it a little premature to draw those kinds of conclusions? This is all very new still. Don’t you think we can fix or improve the permitting process along the way? However, I do believe Humboldt County will continue to be an outpost of black market growers. That is a geographic determination the same as it’s always been. It is isolated here. So permitted growers will likely choose locations less isolated and more amenable to agriculture. And once again, we’ll be stuck with the law-breakers who pollute our wild lands. It’s lame. But I do believe legalization and the permitting process will cause a gradual improvement over time.

    • No, I don’t think it premature. The whole point of the permit process was to prevent the explosion of new illegal grows, and it failed to do so. Now the only option is to license large grows on ag land in other counties to drive the black market out of business. That’s the only strategy that will work. Put Humboldt’s black market drug dealers out of business once and for all.

    • You can’t fix what was began as a failure……. No different than building a house without a foundation it’s going to crumble it’s going to crack it’s going to shift it’s going to uplift it’s going to sway it’s going to Shake Rattle and Roll it’s going to crumble…… And dear Satan but no one even wants to live in the house to begin with….

    • Permitted growers = con artists who kiss ass, pucker up, shmooze, say anything unreal to get determibation, etc…..

      How many approved illegal legal permits have been issued and to whom………individuals or organizations…….gubbamint blows, so it needs reduction, not expansion.

  3. John,

    Absolutely no such thing exists as a medical marijuana permit process……..nothing is about medical……it is all only about commercial grows……..and they are all illegal no matter what the county invents……..stay illegal, call in feds to go after the county if locals cause problems…….

    All part of the master plan against longtime growers in the community and newbies…… that’s why the supervisors pulled this trip…… it was to expose people, then to come back later and stick it to them…….even though all the environmental damage that you complain about John should have already been resolved years ago but the very leaders in Humboldt County turn the Blind Eye to it because they were profiting off of it the friends were profiting off of it family profiting off of it it’s an industry of who knows who……… Look when you’ve got a bunch of people in local government who are Roots deep in the grow trade then it’s crazy to think that they’re going to call State Department of Fish and Wildlife or formally fish and game to come in and do their job it’s all a hush hush hush hush hush hush hush but then all of a sudden let’s Legalize It funny games are being played in every aspect of the American lifestyle…..

    Today was a first for involuntary manslaughter for texting by underage youths…..

    Today was Jeff Bezos of Amazon buying Whole Foods for 17.4 billion dollars so apparently grocery stores are going to go through major changes and losses…..

    Politics is getting crazier

    Russia can’t say for sure if it killed the Isis leader NPR is the only news Outlet to admit that while all the other news ate claiming that Russia killed the Isis leader

    Life is but a hoax a two-dimensional hoax.

    • Oh forgot, Bayside Church is now a sanctuary congregation…… And who are the Joker’s in our world that claim religious leaders don’t yearn for politics…… Separation of church and state but but it’s obvious that religious people just can’t stay away from politics…… which suggests ulterior motives by the faithful above and beyond and aside from simply brainwashing young boys and girls while using adults as a religious role models….. What a hoot….. Just as with marijuana, too many naive worshipers with ulterior motives and values.

      Its a fast changing world where people are tripping up hipocrisy wise.

  4. Pic #1 – those pot plants are spaced too far apart, too much gradingfor all the space between plants.

    Grow same # of plants on half the plot…..just saying.

    Most growers don’t know what the fuck they’re doing they’re just in it because they see dollar signs…..

  5. John, points of emphasis for thought:

    1)The county gave the industry the deal it wanted, but the truth is, the black market marijuana industry is more about cheating the government and society than it is about producing marijuana, and old habits die hard.

    Response: gubbamint and society are second class citizens compared to YOU (as an individual)……..YOU ARE BEING DEFRAUDED BY SOCIERY AND GUBBAMINT…….. so who is abusing whom, lol.

    Most growers are not dip shits, and environmental damage is a pic without a name or face, but large ass grows typically are blightful and degrading to political environmentalists…….until they jump ship for the money………which basically turns the click back to emphasize that more people are fucking lying ass sacks of shit…….and the flipping side faces are predominately female to boot in this pot issue……..feminism at its most effective……..fly skimmers is all.

    • I agree that government created drug dealers, and that society has been shaped by greed, which is why they are both bankrupt. I’m not touching the feminism bit.

      • HOJ will touch the feminism bit because it is true……more paper pushing, paper flipping pot greedy flip floppers openly showing their colors have been feminists…..but at least they got real balls to transition and come out clean as sinus snot as being hipocrits.

        It is tough John becauseit is hard holding females accountible openly in public with the gender battle games being played politically for show and the ulterior motives being executed in the war to elevate feminism through political usery.

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