9 comments on “Estelle Fennell Eliminates “Friction” at the HRC

  1. Estelle has been a disaster from even before the day she was elected. She is in bed with the worst of the mega-growers, does not care if they are tied to mafia type outfits and just loves the notoriously corrupt and incompetent HCSO, IMHO. She was fired from KMUD for taking the wrong side in the Reggae Wars and it is astonishing that she keeps getting reelected.

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  3. John, you may be in the “know”:

    1) Estelle won because she was a radio personality who shmoozed into the elite groupie connections (ex. with former planning chair Lee U.)

    2) Times Standard – There was a “young Fennel” (Michael???) employed in the 2006 time range, always wondered if a relative of estelle….

    3) Friction = uncomfortable

    Hell, even though the county grand jury appointees are selected in a process that is highly questionable, and considering WHO REPRESENTS THE COUNTY GRAND JURY, it is obvious elites have usurped that form of justice too……people of privilege in county politics is all…….just plane too many fly skimmers at the top.

    4) appointments are meant to “get nothing done” except baseless recommendations……baseless because the appointment is usually fake, an imposter……supes intentionally fill commissions with fakes because hidden agendas run politics, not votes……votes only select those dirty politicans who will be allowed to fill seats with fake imposters…….

    Its why America is in a state of unrepairability, cant be fixed…….because stupid people vote for fakes and imposters who then roced to appoint more fakes and imposters…..its a volley sport with rackets, never a grounded moment……

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