8 comments on “The Black Hole We Call “The Humboldt County Human Rights Commission”

  1. You have to understand that the Board of Supervisors needs to have a Human Rights Commission so that they can say that they have one but also that if anyone feels that their rights are being violated then they automatically become a problem. The HRC is not funded which tells us how much it is really desired and Fennell’s actions show us that it is not really meant to function. Thanks John.

  2. I was on the HRC and it seems some members are there to ensure that nothing gets done. But most compelling of all, is the concerted effort to assuage Estelle Fennel. She apparently has carte blanc to run the HRC the way she runs the BOS, with an iron glove–cross her and you’ll end up wondering how integrity disappeared from County workings. She showed her “colors”–and concern for the County–when she removed, and other members rubber-stamped, environmental safeguards from the General Plan. Trumpism is an infection that needs an antibiotic.

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