10 comments on “What’s $1.5 Million Worth to the Emerald Triangle?

  1. Mendocino County Supervisor John McCowan told Ashley Tressel of the Ukiah Daily Journal, “It’s a nice start, but it’s really a drop in the bucket.” adding, “Frankly, State agencies have not been doing a good job of preventing environmental damage.” There, Supervisor McCowan refers to the explosion of new, large scale, illegal grows that have proliferated now that Mendocino County has refocused it’s energy away from marijuana eradication, and onto bringing cannabis permit applicants into compliance with state and county regulations.

    Response: HOJ frowns on the supervisor for talking out the wrong end because it’s just proof that the supervisor is unqualified to be a supervisor for Mendocino County, or any county.

    These County Supervisors are huge lying sacks of you know what because it’s County Supervisors who control all things land use and there is no such thing as an environmental damage or impact until such land use is implemented and or executed upon regardless of whether it is a Legal land use or an illegal land use.

    In short, an activity must first occur that is illegal on the property that creates the environmental damage for which state agencies would then have the authority to get involved with, but just like in Humboldt County with supervisors and planning staff that turn the opposite direction to these land-use violations………it explains why certain supes get all bent out of boundary when HOJ asks legitimate questions or presents legitimate thoughts in written form………..the insecure supes tend to just be snarky asshats when they can’t bullshit their way to freedom. (ie. sweep under rug syndrome – SURS)

  2. It shouldn’t cost so much to clean such a little miniscule amount in the fold of it all.

    Too bad there wasn’t a mechanism as a society that forced the violators to clean it up or go to prison for 50 years…. One choice over another…….. And if that means going after the property owner who allowed somebody on his or her property or wasn’t monitoring his or her own property, tough shit, if you can’t monitor your own land that means you probably should not own it!

    • I thought the $15,000 dollar per acre was conservative. The last time they cleaned up a big grow around here, they had to haul everything out with helicopters. That gets pricy.

  3. Last,

    As John Harden points out what a hundred acres is, it should also be pointed out as to which land is going to be supposedly cleaned up……. is it private property or public property……. is it state parks?

  4. It made a nice headline for the governor but if the money only goes to cleaning up criminal messes the problem will only get worse. Poisoners and rapists of the land and water must be totally busted–not so much fined as imprisoned and, most importantly, forbidden to ever own land in California and perhaps deported to New Jersey.

    • I hear so much about pesticides these days. People used to use Pyrethrins, if they had serious trouble with mites. Today, I hear about people using Avid preventively, on so-called “legal” grows.

  5. Another great piece. My thoughts are, Provoked. I don’t think 15 K per acre as and average is out of line. I do some work for the Feds that doesn’t involve haz mat or hard labor, just way out in the boonies and it’s 2 K per day. We used pyrethrin back in the 80’s but only on mothers or fresh clones. We considered it sacrilegious to do otherwise.

    • Thanks Rusty! The last time they did a clean-up operation out in the forest, they had to use helicopters to haul the trash out. That gets pricy. I don’t think 15g an acre is out of the ballpark at all. Yeah, back in the day, people used pyrethrins as a last resort. Today, a lot of people use really toxic shit like Avid, preventitively.

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