12 comments on “To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate

  1. Excellent, John.

    Science is, *indeed*, a religion.

    ‘Medicine’ is big business. Medical ‘treatment’ is the 3rd leading cause of death in the US.

    Buyer beware.

  2. “They understand that technological fixes, like vaccines, usually cover up, and spawn bigger problems than they solve. People have seen enough to know that science doesn’t make life better.”

    What a pile of crap. I wish there was a way to transport people like you back to the days rampant epidemics and ineffective medicines. And then for you to communicate back to us as you watched people around you dying from smallpox and all the other diseases we no worry about.

    Are vaccines 100% safe? No, there are often some side effects. Few, if any, permanent or fatal.

    One has to be a rational thinker. Imagine being in a house that was on fire. Two ways out. One door leads to a pen containing a man-eating tiger, the other to a containing a mildly poisonous snake that is probably sleeping.

    Which door does the rational person take? The one that almost certainly leads to death or serious injury? That is the door you’re pointing people toward.

  3. Globally, 1,800 children under five, die from from contaminated water everyday. Should science back off so nature can cull the herd? Not if it’s my child they shouldn’t.

      • John, if you wander off further from rational thinking you might need to don a clown costume.

        Please do not endanger the lives of children and babies.

        Here’s what you are doing. You are greatly overstating the risks created by vaccines. There are risks but they are miniscule.

        You talk as if the risk of the prevented disease was not massively larger.

        If you manage to talk parents out of safeguarding their children by not vaccinating them then you will be responsible for any deaths of those children.

        And those children you will have put at risk can spread their disease to infants who have not reached the age of vaccination may be infected and killed. More deaths will be on your hands.

        Come on John, don’t be a killer clown. Lead a responsible life.

      • Listen Bozo, You wouldn’t know rational thinking if it bit you in the ass. Why don’t you keep your religious fanaticism to yourself?

      • Sorry, John. I’m not at all religious. However I do care for my fellow human being and I hate see people like you mislead others and put their lives at risk.

        Especially when we’re talking about children and infants who can’t make rational decisions about how much risk they want to take with their lives.

        If you want to get drunk and try highwire walking on electricity cables, that’s on you. You’re old enough to do stupid stuff if that’s what gets you off. But a recently born infant has no ability to decide to risk measles and other infectious diseases.

  4. Well written thought provoking piece. I’ve only read you recently, people are calling you a hippie, liberal, whacko. I’m not seeing that, maybe the truth is too hard to handle for some. Or maybe they’re just missing the metaphors?

    • Thanks Rusty, I appreciate it. Denial is pretty deep around here, and nothing pisses off people in denial more than the truth. That said, some people may miss the metaphors too. I hope you’ll keep reading, and I’ll do my best to keep provoking thought.

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