8 comments on “Denial, the Deepest River in SoHum

  1. This is the noisy comprehensive saddest most nostalgic article I have ever read. Thank you

  2. The Hawaii legislature legalized medical marijuana.

    You seem pessimistic.

    The wine model is going to apply No matter how many gallons of Gallo people swill, some people prefer small craft wineries’ wine.

    This area is good for small craft growers and it will great to see the greediest growers move to Modesto or somewhere the land is flatter.

    • Only cheap pot makes the world a better place. Expensive pot ruins the environment and turns people into assholes. Do you want to be an asshole, or do you want to make the world a better place?

      • Growing schwag does not improve the world. Cheap pot is what ruins the environment, not handcrafted small scale pot.

      • Sorry Lizardly, I don’t buy it. First,”Schwag” is not cheap pot. The price of “schwag” is just as inflated as the price of pot grown here in Humboldt. No pot is cheap so long as the War on Drugs continues. Humboldt pot is not that great, and “schwag” only sucks because of the War on Drugs. If pot weren’t a ripoff, drug dealers wouldn’t sell it. As long as drug dealers run the pot industry, pot remains a ripoff. It’s time to face the fact that drug dealers destroy the environment, and marijuana. The only solution is to put drug dealers out of business. Face it. The truth will set you free.

      • Dealers and growers are not the same. I think it is deplorable that California will not allow growers to sell directly to users. The string of middlemen drive up the price. Prohibition amounts to a price support system. The greedy growers are trashing the environment.

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