10 comments on “Drug Education

  1. It felt great, almost overwhelming, but positively vibrant, in a way that no amount of objective science, or anti-drug propaganda, could have prepared me for.

    Response: positivity from a drug is a nightmare scenario for power and control mongors……..and then they legalize for tax revenue when the going gets tough and the police state desires growth…… With all things being equal in the theoretical application of laws to societal actions, never knew a person who only smoked marijuana as ever having committed a serious crime as a result of only smoking marijuana…….

    I’m still interested in building a new human culture from the ground up, but, unfortunately, I don’t meet many people who found drugs as educational as I did.

    Response: do you ever have the feeling that you’re living on this planet right now for a purpose such as replenishing the earth once most people are destroyed and dead? HOJ BELIEVES THAT TO BE HIS ORDAINED MISSION……. The fix shit after it’s been fucked up and most people are dead, suggesting that at some point in THIS lifetime, shit really does hit the fan……. It is vilifying in a way because it feels conceited but in reality deep down truth……. It’s as if a higher life entity is persuading you to understand that you are better than most in your way of thinking and desired responses….

    Hardin, you are a good person.😇

    • I know. I’m one of those guys who left his VCR blinking 12:00 for it’s entire life. I did the same thing here, so WordPress still thinks I live in the international date line.

  2. I first read about LSD, believe it or not, in Readers’ Digest in 1963, but I do not recall who wrote it or what the original source was. Years later I decided that what that meant was that it was a CIA project but, whatever it was, it was way interesting.

  3. You wrote, re acid, “I’ve had both types of experience, as well as several others that I found totally inexplicable, but absolutely fascinating,” You might understand some of them by reading Realms of the Human Unconscious: Observations from LSD Research by Stanislav Grof, it has a really good typology based on many many many trips. He was a Freudian psychologist in Czechoslovakia and the government gave him bottles of pure Sandoz and asked him to research it, which he assiduously did. His experience with that changed him into more of a Jungian than a Freudian. Just reading the table of contents would probably be helpful but the book is invaluable.

  4. Sorry I meant to write psychiatrist, not psychologist. His (ex?-) wife Joan Halifax Grof has also written some great books.

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