6 comments on “Drug Dealers Say the Dumbest Things

  1. spot on!

    what pisses me off is the claim that ‘we’re just tryin’ to pay the bills’ when it’s the dope trade that enabled that high flyin’ lifestyle to begin with.

    o, and maybe someone can enlighten me–how is it that the Bulgarians are so prevalent in the hills these days? how are they able to emigrate and buy land here?

    • Thanks Katya! I’m glad you enjoyed the piece. I have no idea why so many Bulgarians want to join the greenrush, but a friend of our is talking about selling her property to a guy with an Eastern European accent, right now, at the table adjacent to me.

  2. I’m not against Bulgarians, or Mexicans, or Ohioans, or even Californians. What I’m against are hypocrites, land and water rapists, and the phony politicians and law enforcement slackers who smooth their roads. Thanks, John

    • I wonder about it too. I’ve never bought pot from a Bulgarian. I have no idea what they do with it, and if they’re not growing pot, what the hell are they doing?

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