14 comments on “Lots of Soil, Not Many Vegetables

  1. If you lived closer to Eureka, you could drive out to Willow Creek. The Trinity River Farm sells their produce but because of a demand in the area, offers plants as well. Their starts are well underway and Tom and his family have been growing on the O’Gorman land along SR96 since the mid 70s.
    Here’s a photo from the FB page https://www.facebook.com/Trinity.River.Farm/photos/a.710143805711096.1073741826.141981785860637/710143699044440/?type=3&theater
    Tom also served for a long time on the board of the Willow Creek Community Services District and when you see the trees that offer shade and beauty along SR299 as you drive through the town, well, Tom was one of the people who helped make it happen.
    When read about all the people ripping off the land in the name of profit or communities where people don’t accomplish things, I remember Willow Creek. Yes there are problems there but there are some darned fine people there.

  2. You will no doubt be vilified by pointing out what is obvious to people with their eyes open and their heads out of their asses. There was actually a time when I thought that pot growers could help save us all from rapacious capitalisim because to me, at that time, pot growers actually liked getting high and had found a way to counter the dominant paradigm as folks who cared about the environment, cared about peace, cared about each other. If that was ever so it sure as hell isn’t now.

    • As the economy becomes more coercive, it takes stronger and stronger people to resist it. Meanwhile, weakness, cowardice and dishonesty become the norm.

    • marijuana belongs to everybody, enlightened and/or retarded. monk and gangsta. its a plant. there are many marijuana enthusiasts but its misguided to believe there is a marijuana community, and elitist to believe there should be. the only problem in the chain of events is prohibition.

      • Yes, prohibition is the problem. I’m enthusiastic about cannabis, but I have no use for drug dealers, and now that we’ve done the work to legalize it, it’s time for drug dealers to find something else to do.

  3. except for once again hating on “the black market” instead of the state and federal goverenments, this might be your best post yet. is Perlite © organic? not at fuckinall, beotch. good read, thanks. ive commented on your blog many times but youve never let em through. censorship makes you look like a pussy hypocrite, fyi.

    • I don’t hate on anybody. I point out the idiocy of what I see around me. Thanks for delivering some of that idiocy here at my blog so that people who don’t live around here or buy drugs on the black market get to see what drug dealers are really like.

      • if the govt decriminalized marijuana completely this morning, the problem would be solved by this afternoon. youre blaming, and repeatedly damning, the wrong people. i dont know you at all, but ive read enough to bet you were a “black market” grower who got busted. thats how bitter you come across. am i wrong?

      • i make $12/hour and am on food stamps, fyi. i support the effort to provide people with what is unjustly forbidden to them. our local, state and federal governments are keeping people stupid. its sad to see intelligent people like yourself blame the greater good.

  4. What gets me is the number of individuals that can’t claim their black market income and are on discount plans with PG&E get medical or seek Assistance.

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